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Our Alumni

Ever work in Student Pubs? You're still part of the family.

Alumni who worked on the staff of The Shorthorn, Renegade, Reveille, Tempo, Prism or any other Student Pubs publication are part of the heart of the Shorthorn Nation alumni group. We have a network of more than 1,000 proud alumni, many of whom hold jobs that build on their Student Pubs experience.

In the past couple of years, we’ve organized into the Shorthorn Nation alumni group, and we’re developing ways to grow that network. In a 2010 survey, Student Pubs alumni said the top priorities for Shorthorn Nation should be raising funds to support Shorthorn staff scholarships and operations, develop a jobs board, plan a reunion and develop a mentoring program linking alumni and current Shorthorn staff. That resulted in a staff reunion, the Shorthorn Nation Jobs Board ... and priorities for the new Shorthorn Nation Alumni Group.

If you are a Student Pubs alum, here are several ways to build the Shorthorn Nation alumni group and help The Shorthorn.


  • Join the Shorthorn Nation Facebook Group to receive things of interest to and communicate with other Student Pubs alums. (If you want to receive content from The Shorthorn, “Like” The Shorthorn Newspaper Facebook page. And if you were a Shorthorn editor-in-chief, there’s yet another Facebook group just for you.)
  • We’re like a big, diverse, multigenerational family; we want to know what’s happening in your life. Fill out this form to send us your news: job changes, marriages, births, awards, publications ... if it’s something you want other friends to know about, your Shorthorn Nation friends want to know about it, too. Also use the form to send changes in your contact information — mail address, e-mail, phone number, etc. (If you didn’t receive information about The Shorthorn Reunion in 2011, it means we don’t have current contact information for you. Use the form to let us know where and how you are.)


  • Need an intern, freelancer or part-time staffer? Send the information to Beth Francesco so we can let students know about the opportunity.
  • Donate to Shorthorn Scholarships, so we can continue to provide staff with the same training, convention experiences and financial support that we provided to staffers when you were here. Click here to make a scholarship donation online.
  • Volunteer to lead a training session for Shorthorn staffers learning to do what you already know how to do, or to mentor individual staff members.
  • Buy an ad. This provides financial support for Shorthorn staff operations ... but also is the best way to market your business, event or service to the 40,000 UTA students, faculty and staff. Click here for advertising information.


The Shorthorn Nation Jobs Board allows people looking for jobs to find out about them and people who know about job openings to share the information with other Student Pubs alumni. Click here to subscribe to the Shorthorn Nation Jobs Board. If you want to post a job opening on the board and you’re not a subscriber, send the information to Beth Francesco.


The Shorthorn has been here since 1919; the Shorthorn Nation Alumni Group, not so long. You can help shape Shorthorn Nation. Want to help produce an alumni newsletter? be on the Shorthorn Nation steering committee? plan reunions and other activities? develop financial support for Shorthorn scholarship and other needs? help organize alumni to help current Shorthorn staff?  Contact Beth Francesco and we’ll put you to work.

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