University Studies is a Bachelor of Science degree program at UT Arlington that aims to provide a path to graduation for students seeking options beyond the traditional university majors.  The University Studies degree program features a breadth of study in a variety of academic disciplines and seeks to maximize your current credit hours to put you on a fast track to graduation.  Students applying to the University Studies program must have already completed at least 60 hours and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

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Through Student Success Programs, you can take advantage of the Success U program, the Success Series, the Freshman Interest Group Program, the Peer Academic Leader Program, and the Maverick Resource Hotline.  We are here to connect you to the campus and the resources proven to help you succeed on your path to success.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts (BAIS) and Bachelor of Science (BSIS) degree.  Each one allows students to create a unique Degree Plan reflecting the student's career plans and academic interest.  This Course of Study may include a wide range of courses from across the campus in two "Tracks".  Students may include a disciplinary minor as one Track, such as a minor in History, and a unique field that they create with the approval of the program, such as "Public History and Museum Studied," for their second Track.