Frequently Asked Questions

FINISH@UT Program Overview

What is the Finish@UT Program offered by UTA? What degree will I earn in the program?

  • The Finish@UT program as offered at the University of Texas-Arlington is the entirely-online means of earning the school’s Bachelor of Science in University Studies. Your diploma will state that you completed a B.S. in University Studies at UTA, and you can expect the same high-quality, rigorous courses in this program as you would from traditional “on-campus” programs here.

    Though UTA does offer many online classes that University Studies students can take, students are able to access a wider variety of online classes in the Finish@UT program. Therefore, if you want to complete the University Studies degree, and can only do so online, you should apply using the University Studies Finish@UT program application.   

    You will learn more about the eligibility requirements for the Finish@UT program at UTA, as well as your options if you are not yet eligible for Finish@UT, later in the FAQ.

    UTA maintains its own Finish@UT website providing information specific to the program as it is offered at UTA; it is linked on the left of this page.

    Information on the University Studies degree in general can be found here.

I hear that Finish@UT is offered at other UT schools, though. Can you tell me more about this?

  • The Finish@UT Program is comprised of entirely online courses offered by four different schools in the University of Texas Online Consortium (UTOC): UT Arlington, UT Brownsville, UT El Paso, and UT Permian Basin. Students in the Finish@UT program, no matter their home campus, can take classes designated for Finish@UT students from each of the four schools.

    A student selects one of the four schools as his or her home campus, and takes courses through the Finish@UT program for a particular degree at that school (at UTA, it is the B.S. in University Studies). If you select UTA as your home campus, you first apply to the University, and then, once you are admitted, you apply to your major.  You will have the opportunity when you do this application for the University Studies major to indicate that you are interested in the completing your courses online through the Finish@UT program. 

    If you are not sure which Finish@UT school’s program is best for you, please contact that school directly as a prospective student. General information on programs at each of the four schools can be found on the official Finish@UT website.

Will Finish@UT help me finish my degree faster than other programs?

  • Upon your admittance into the University Studies program, an advisor will create a degree plan that utilizes your credits taken to-date so as to offer your fastest path to graduation. As a Finish@UT student, you will be able to take up to 12 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters and 6 in the Summer semester; Finish@UT students are not able to take May or Winter intersession classes. A student who would like to take more credits than this may opt to take courses elsewhere simultaneously, after speaking to an advisor to ensure these credits will transfer to UTA successfully, are applicable to the student’s degree plan, and will still allow the student to meet residency requirements. (Residency requirements will be discussed in greater detail below.)

    Additionally, many courses in the Finish@UT program are offered in shorter sessions (typically 5 or 6 weeks in the Summer, and 7 or 8 weeks in the Spring/Fall), which some students prefer (though the overall credit limit per semester still applies). Finally, the ease of taking entirely online classes allows many students who would not otherwise have been able to complete their degree the opportunity to do so.

How do I know if the University Studies degree is right for me?

  • For additional information regarding the University Studies and Finish@UT programs, please visit our Prospective Student Info page. There you can find a great deal of helpful information for students wanting to learn more about the University Studies and Finish programs, and to decide if this is the right program and degree for them. We also answer some frequently asked questions about University Studies below.

What are the requirements to get into the Finish@UT Program at UTA?

  • To enroll in the Finish@UT program to complete your University Studies major at UTA, a student must meet three criteria:

    • Must be core complete according to Texas State Standards.
    • Must have a 2.0 GPA.
    • Must have 60 credit hours completed.

What can I do if I do not yet meet the admissions criteria for Finish?

  • If you apply to UTA and have 60 credit hours, but are not core complete or do not have a 2.0 cumulative GPA, you may apply to the University Studies program, and, if accepted, take regular online classes until you meet all three admission criteria. Please note, though, that online classes at UTA are subject to availability and may not be available for all content areas/core requirements. Because of this, depending on factors including the number of credits you want to take, the content areas on your degree plan, and the core requirements you have remaining, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to complete all coursework online prior to entrance into the Finish@UT program. 

    It is also important to recognize that the priority application deadlines and course start dates for Finish@UT students differ from those for most other UTA students. This means that, should you apply to UTA just prior to a Finish priority deadline without meeting the three admissions criteria for Finish, it is possible you may not make the deadline to register in non-Finish classes (online or on-campus) for that semester. If this occurs, you will need to contact Admissions to delay your semester of entry to the following semester. To avoid any obstacles to beginning classes in your preferred semester, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible – including submitting all required application materials – well before the priority deadline. 

    **Please note: if you are admitted to the University Studies program as an online-intended student, but opt not to enroll in UTA classes at that time, in order to return to the program at a later date you will need to contact Admissions to determine how to update your semester-of-entry.  Once you have been readmitted, please email us at for further instructions on readmission to the University Studies program.

    Additionally, we appreciate your understanding that, if you are admitted to University Studies but opt not to enroll in classes at UTA at that time (to work on core completion elsewhere, for example), our advisors will not be able to answer questions unique to your degree plan (including questions about transferring in classes from elsewhere) until you are readmitted to UTA. Please refer here for more information on this.  


What exactly will my major be in University Studies?

  • Like other degree programs at UTA, the University Studies degree plan consists of the core curriculum, the major, and electives.

    In University Studies, the major is comprised of 24 primary credit hours and 21 secondary credit hours from two major content areas selected by the student and University Studies advisor for a total of 45 major credit hours.

    Please click here for more information about the University Studies degree plan.

I have a lot of credits in a subject that is not on this list of Content Areas. Could I make this one of my Content Areas instead?

  • While students may select only from the designated content areas, the University Studies degree plan is designed to be flexible and to accommodate varying areas of interest. When students enter the program, they often find that many of the credits they have taken to-date work in one or more of the three available content areas. A student who has many transfer credits in Communications will see that these can fall under the Area I: Art, Media, Humanities Content Area. A student whose employer wants them to take Accounting classes could elect to make Area II: Business, Cummunity Studies, Social Science as one of their content areas, etc. 

    Students should be mindful, though, that once they are in the University Studies and/or Finish programs, there may be limitations on the number of credits they can take in certain disciplines or the types of classes available online. Your advisor will work with you to understand these limitations where applicable.

How do I know what Content Areas are right for me? Do I choose them myself/need to decide on them ahead of time?

  • When you apply to the University Studies/Finish@UT program, one of our academic advisors will create a degree plan for you that uses as many of your previous credits as possible and thus provides the fastest route for you to graduate. Many students, particularly those who come into the program with substantially more than the 60 credits required for admission, will already have 2 content areas underway or completed.  A student may still choose from any of the three content areas available that interest them or that they feel would be beneficial to them in their career. In those situations, though, this may result in a student needing additional credits to graduate. Your academic advisor will work with you to determine the 2 content areas that are the best fit for you over the course of your advising experience. 

    Overall, when enrolling in University Studies, you should take into account your academic and professional ambitions, as well as the nature of your previous credits, when considering your two content areas.  

What is the difference between taking classes, especially online, as a ‘regular’ (non-Finish) University Studies student versus taking online courses through the Finish@UT Program?

  • Many academic departments at UTA offer online courses that are not restricted to students in particular programs, but are offered generally to undergraduate students across disciplines. As a University Studies student, even one who is not enrolled in the Finish@UT program, you may be able to take many of your courses online. 

    A few things to consider, though, are that these online (non-Finish) courses are subject to availability and often in high demand. Additionally, at times a class, despite being primarily online, may still require one or more campus visits (for example, to participate in labs or to take tests in a classroom). Finally, a student should be mindful that there may not be online classes available for each core requirement or University Studies content area.  UTA's Center for Distance Education has a guide showing how to search for online classes at UTA in MyMav. When looking for classes, it is important to remember that, until you are eligible for Finish@UT, you will be taking courses that follow the regular academic calendar. Section numbers above 100 (e.g. CRCJ 3385-600; ART 1301-700, etc) for a class are restricted to special populations at UTA.

I like some of the courses designated for the Finish@UT program, but there are also some online classes I see offered at UTA that are not part of the Finish@UT program. Can I mix-and-match non-Finish and Finish@UT classes?

  • Because Finish@UT courses have different session dates, fee structures, and registration processes, once a student begins in the Finish@UT program, they may then only take classes designated as Finish@UT.  Additionally, students may not switch back and forth between semesters taking Finish@UT courses and non-Finish@UT courses.  Once a student joins the Finish@UT program, then, they should plan to complete the remainder of their degree through Finish@UT courses.  In some exceptions, and with advisor approval, a student may opt to switch out of the Finish@UT program to take 'regular' UTA online classes in the one or two semesters prior to graduating if that best suits their degree plan. If a student opts to leave the Finish@UT program for non-Finish@UT coursework, however, they will not be allowed to reenter the Finish@UT program at a later date. 

How many credits will I have to take at UTA? (or What are residency requirements?)

  • As with any degree program at UTA, in order to graduate from the school, a certain number of credits must be taken here.  For a University Studies degree, 30 credits on your degree plan must be taken “in residence.”  For Finish@UT students, though, while a minimum number of credits must be from classes offered by UTA, you can also earn residency credits by taking Finish@UT classes from the partner schools.

    Your academic advisor will work with you to ensure you meet all residency requirements.  It is most important to understand as a prospective student that, if you enter the program with a particularly high number of transfer credits, no more than 90 can apply to your Degree Plan.


How do Finish courses work?

  • Classes are offered in the Spring, Fall, and Summer semesters.  The Fall and Spring semester is broken into two sessions, while the number of summer sessions at each school varies.  Once enrolled, you may take up to 12 hours in fall and spring semesters and 6 in the summer semester by combining seven-, eight-, and 15-week classes (classes in Summer may vary in length). Advisors will work with you to optimize credit hours and balance course workloads, but reserve the right to restrict enrollment in the best interest of student success.

Are all of the courses on the Finish@UT course list available each semester?

  • As with any baccalaureate program, the courses offered in Finish@UT may vary from semester-to-semester. 

    With this in mind, your Finish@UT advisor will work with you each semester to help you fulfill the more challenging requirements on your degree plan as soon as possible.  We do this with the hopes of giving you more flexibility in course selection as you approach the completion of your degree. 

I have a question about a particular Finish@UT course. Who should I ask?

  • Please contact the department offering the class and/or the professor directly.  This information can be found either by looking at the school’s course catalog or by contacting the registrar at the host campus.

What is the TIS? How will/do I use it?

  • The Texas Information System, or TIS, is a repository of all online classes in the UT system that can be taken by students across campuses. The campus offering the course is referred to as a “host campus.”  Collectively, all of the host campuses offering online classes are called the University of Texas Online Consortium, or “UTOC”.  The TIS allows students from other campuses to request registration in another school’s class without having to go through a formal admissions process there.

    Finish is only one of many programs that list classes in the TIS.  This means that, as a UTA student in the Finish@UT program, you will be using the TIS only to find classes specifically offered through the Finish@UT program.  You may not take any other classes in the TIS or at UTA.

    Once you are admitted to UTA and the Finish@UT program with University Studies, you will have the opportunity to create a user account on the TIS.  In the meantime, though, anyone can access a list of the classes available in Finish in a given semester by clicking “Course Catalog” and choosing “Finish” from the “UTOC Program” drop-down menu. 

    If you do not see classes listed, this means we are between registration periods.  Please check back later for course listings.


I very recently decided that I would like to go back to school and want to take classes through the Finish@UT program at UTA. How quickly can I get started if I apply right now?

  • When you apply to UTA, admissions will first process your application, evaluate your transfer credits, and then make a determination whether or not to admit you into the University.  The timeframe on how long this process takes is entirely dependent on the Admissions, Records, and Enrollment Department at UTA.  You may check the status of your application with Admissions here.             

    The admissions process when you apply to the University can vary greatly depending on multiple factors, including the time of year you apply (as the volume of applications may impact processing time), the number of transcripts you submit, and how quickly schools external to UTA send in your official transcripts.  As a result, there is unfortunately no ‘standard’ amount of time that it takes to get an admissions decision.

    Admissions, Records and Enrollment maintains a Frequently Asked Questions page much like this one.  If you have additional questions, we encourage you to consult this FAQ.

    If you do not see your question answered there, please direct any other questions to admissions.  Their contact information can be found here.

    Once you have applied to UTA (including submitting all transcripts) and been admitted to the university,  you will be able to apply to the University Studies major.  We typically process applications within 10 business days.

I recently applied to UTA (Or I have just been admitted to UTA). What next?

  • If you are interested in the University Studies/Finish@UT program(s), as with most majors on-campus, an advisor must first evaluate your academic history and admissions qualifications to ensure you are eligible for this major.

    Please understand, then, that when you apply to UTA to enroll University Studies (through the Finish@UT program), the admissions process is two-fold, unlike if you were coming into a university with fewer credits and thus an undeclared major: in your case, you will be applying both to a university as well as to major in a particular discipline. 

    Once you are notified by Admissions that you have been admitted and that your transfer credit evaluation has been posted, you may apply to University Studies at the following link, and indicate that you want to take classes through the Finish@UT program:

    Prospective Students

    After you apply, it takes us up to 10 business days to process your application.  Once this is completed, we will send you detailed information on the next steps you need to take for advising and registering for classes.

I am interested in the Finish@UT Program and have a great deal of prior professional and life experience. Do you offer academic credit for this? or I have many college credits already. How many of them will count, and how many credits will I have left?

  • Please see the following link for information from the Office of Admissions regarding what types of credits can be accepted for transfer into UTA.

    All questions about transfer credits must be directed to Admissions. Please note that this means Academic Advisors for University Studies/the Finish@UT program are unable to review any other schools’ transcripts, or create unofficial degree plans for a student not yet admitted to the University Studies major.

    Many students find, though, that by using the blank Unofficial Degree Plan for University Studies and the information on what types of credits work in each section available on the University Studies website, they are able to get a good sense of where they would stand should they decide to enroll in the program.  This information can be found here:

    Prospective Students

    Academic Advisors for University Studies and Finish@UT are always happy to schedule an appointment with a prospective student to speak with generally about the degree program and potential content areas for the student.

I am a current student and am interested in the Finish program. What do I do next?

  • Current UTA students in another major:

    If you are a current UTA student interested in the University Studies degree through Finish@UT classes, please apply to the University Studies Finish@UT program

    Current University Studies students:

    Review your unofficial transcript/academic record in MyMav to ensure that you meet the admissions requirements for Finish (core complete, 60 hours completed, GPA of 2.0).  If you meet these requirements, contact us at when you are due to be advised for the next semester’s registration.  If you do not yet meet these requirements, please continue as a "traditional" University Studies student, aiming to complete your core and/or raise your GPA above 2.0. When you have done this, either notify your current advisor of your interest in the program for your next steps or contact us at

Does applying for Finish by the Priority Deadline mean I am guaranteed to get classes in the semester/session I prefer?

  • It is important to recognize that the priority application deadlines and course start dates for Finish@UT students differ from those for most other UTA students. This means that, should you apply to UTA just prior to a Finish priority deadline without meeting the three admissions criteria for Finish, it is possible you may not make the deadline to register in non-Finish classes (online or on-campus) for that semester. If this occurs, you will need to contact Admissions to delay your semester of entry to the following semester. To avoid any obstacles to beginning classes in your preferred semester, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible – including submitting all required application materials – well before the priority deadline. 

    If you apply by the priority deadline and have met the three admissions requirements for Finish, you are highly likely to be able to take classes in your preferred semester/session. Please remember, though, that as with any university, courses may fill well before the start date or otherwise have changes in their availability.

    To avoid any obstacles to beginning classes in your preferred semester, you are encouraged to apply as early as possible – including submitting all required application materials – well before the priority deadline. 

I was previously admitted to the University Studies program, but did not enroll in classes at the time. I am intending to return to UTA to complete my University Studies degree in a future semester. Can an advisor assist me in determining what classes I should be taking elsewhere that will work on my degree plan when I return?

  • Information on UTA’s core requirements can be found here:

    Additionally, UTA provides equivalency guides that shows how classes at select schools in Texas would transfer in to UTA:

    For further information on the University Studies degree and its requirements, please consult our website here:

    Prospective Students

    We regret that, unless you are a current University Studies student, we are unable to advise you on classes to take elsewhere that might work on a University Studies degree plan.  This is true even if you were previously admitted to University Studies (whether or not you were advised on your specific degree plan by an advisor).  Admissions may be able to assist you with determining how classes not on the equivalency guide(s) will transfer in.  Their contact info can be found here:

    If you’d like to speak with an advisor further for general information on the Finish@UT program, please email


Could you give me more information on online (electrical engineering, business administration, accounting, etc) degrees offered at UTA [or] information on non-Finish@UT classes offered in the TIS?

  • Finish@UT classes can only be taken a UTA as a means of obtaining the school's University Studies degree. To determine if other degree programs that interest you offer online courses, please contact that department directly.

    If you would like information on courses offered through the University of Texas Online Consortium (UTOC) that are not labeled "Finish@UT," please contact the department offering the course directly. 

I see that Finish@UT offers some courses that… my employer wants me to take/I am interested in personally/could be used towards my degree elsewhere. Can I take these without enrolling as a Finish@UT student at UTA?

  • Finish@UT courses may only be taken by students enrolled in the Finish@UT program at one of the four partipating schools. If a class interests you that appears only to be offered through the Finish@UT program, we would encourage you to contact the department directly to inquire about the possibility of the class being offered as a non-Finish@UT class in the future, or about other classes they offer that may suit your needs.

I have questions about how Financial Aid/Veterans Benefits will work for me as a Finish@UT student. Who can I ask about either of these things?

I have additional questions not answered here. How can I make an appointment to speak with a Finish@UT advisor?

  • Please send an appointment request to

    Please note: Only the Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration may evaluate other school's transcripts for appropriate UTA credit. We regret that University Studies/Finish@UT advisors are unable to review any other schools’ transcripts, or create unofficial degree plans for new or current UTA students not yet admitted to the University Studies major.