Did you take AP, IB, CLEP or other credit-by-exam tests?  Now you need to follow a few steps to actually get the credit on your transcript:

1.  Make sure we accept the exam and score.  Go to the credit-by-exam section of our web site.
2.  Talk to your advisor about which credit will work in your degree program.
3.   Log into your MYMAV account. Click on Academic Record (on the left hand side) >Petition for Credit 

Please read through all the instructions on the Petition for Credit screen before scrolling to the bottom of the page.    Exams for which you are eligible to receive credit are listed by test type.  Each exam lists the UT Arlington course for which you are eligible to receive credit.  If you wish to have the credit added to your transcript, click “Select Credit” box next to the course name.   You may notice if you have duplicates of a course, that the duplicates will no longer have a “Select Credit” option.  You may receive credit for a course only once.   If you click the “Select Credit” box again it will unselect the option and you may make another choice.   

Once you have completed the selection process, please click on the “Submit" button at the bottom of the page. Once you have submitted your choices, you may not go back and unselect any of the items you submitted.  However, if you choose not to Petition for a particular course at this time, you may come back at anytime while you are a current student and complete the Petition for that course.

*To claim credit for CLEP Spanish, French or German, you must go to Testing Services.

What is this?

  • UT Arlington does not automatically post credit to your transcript from any credit-by-exam such as Advanced Placement exams, CLEP exams, or International Baccalaureate Program exams.  You should consult with your academic advisor concerning credits you will need for your degree program and then use the MyMav program to petition to have the credit put on your transcript.

How long does it take for the credits to be posted to my transcript?

  • Approximately two (2) business days.

Why are all my test credits not showing on the Petition page?

There may be many reasons why your test credits are not showing, please see below for the most common reasons:

    • Have you had your test scores sent from the test company such as College Board, IB Diploma Program or DSST?  Official scores must be sent to UTA’s Testing Center before they can be displayed.  Information on how to have scores sent to UTA is on the Testing Services web site.
    • You may not have met the credit-by-exam policy requirements for UTA.  Please go to Testing Services' Credit-By-Exam web sitefor complete information on what exams UT Arlington accepts and minimum scores required to earn credit.   
    • You may already have the course credit on your transcript.  You can only receive credit for a course once.  If you took the course at another college or claimed the credit-by-exam at that college, it may have already been transferred to your UTA transcript.
    • You are currently enrolled in the course.  You can not claim credit for a course in which you are currently enrolled, unless you have written permission from the Chair of academic department that offers the course.
    • You took CLEP Spanish, French or German Language test.  These must be handled individually in the Testing Services office.  Please visit Testing Service in 004 University Hall with your photo ID to petition for credit.
    • You took the test at an academic department or received certification from that department.  When Testing Services receives notification from the department, we will contact you with payment information.  The fee is $25 per course (3 or 4 hour course = $25).   Once we receive payment we will post the score and update your Petition for Credit page.
    • You are a Graduate Student.  The Graduate School will not allow credit-by-exam on a graduate transcript.  If you need the credit for a prerequisite or certification of proficiency, please contact your graduate school advisor.
    • You are a UTA Employee.  Employee Petition for Credit must be handled manually.  Please visit Testing Services in 004 University Hall with your photo ID for assistance.

I can see the test credit, why can’t I choose “Select Credit” on the Petition Page?

  • You already have credit for that course or similar course on your transcript.  


    This is your first semester at UTA - You and your advisor can view what credits you are eligible for, however you cannot claim the credit until after census date of your first semester.  Your advisor can use this information to assist you with registering for the appropriate courses for your schedule.

Why don’t you accept my credit-by-exam test?

  • The academic department that offers the course decides which exams are accepted and the minimum score required to earn credit.  This ensures the exam content matches the course offered at UTA and the score meets course standards for passing.

I took the CLEP English test, why is my credit not showing?

  • Please make sure you have taken the correct CLEP test.  UTA accepts the College Composition – Modular exam and you must also complete the Modular essay and have it scored at UTA.  You must pass both parts of the test to earn credit.

I Selected the Credit, but it did not show up correctly on my transcript.

  • Please contact the Office of Records at 817-272-3372

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Testing Services provides departmental, institutional, and national testing opportunities to students and non-students in an atmosphere which enables examinees to perform to the best of their abilities. This atmosphere relies on test administration practices which (1) adhere to nationally recognized professional testing standards and government regulations, (2) maintain the integrity of the testing process by incorporating ethical standards and security measures, and (3) treat all examinees in a professional yet personable manner. The University of Texas at Arlington testing office adheres to the Standards and Guidelines of the National College Testing Association.


The purpose of this form is to resolve a problem that remains unresolved after contacting the office you visited for assistance and/or to notify us of any inappropriate treatment received during an interaction with an office. Therefore, in most instances you should have contacted the office you visited prior to completing this form.

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