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It's never too early to start thinking about graduation. In fact, the sooner you start planning, the better your chances are for graduating on time and in good academic standing. To learn more, read Blazing the Trail: Your Online Guide to Graduation, which offers helpful tips and tools you can use from your freshman to senior year to help make your goals a reality. It includes information on academic advising, developing a four-year graduation plan, graduate schools and careers.

4 Semester Plans

Here you can get a typical degree plan. Use this to guide you through your first four semesters as a Maverick!

Major Exploration

Choosing a major is one of the more important decisions that a student will make in college.  Sometimes you know what you want to major in right from the beginning, but sometimes students need some help in narrowing down their choices.  Major Exploration provides a process for students to examine their interests, strengths, and skills in an effort to match them with a major that is the right fit for them.  UT Arlington students have access to academic advisors in the University Advising Center who will guide them through this journey, or students may choose to take the Major Exploration course for a deeper examination of the academic opportunities offered to students at the university.


Transition Success

The Maverick Transition and Success Center (MavTASC) supports transfer and transitioning students as they identify, pursue and achieve their educational goals. We encourage these students to establish meaningful connections within the community through intentional and innovative interactions. Furthermore, the Maverick Transition and Success Center guides these students as they take responsibility for their professional and personal goals.


Maverick Transfer Connection – Available on Blackboard

  • Online community for new transfer students
  • Connect with other transfer students
  • Transition Leaders available online and on campus
  • For additional guidance, email a Transition Leader at

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Our Mission:

The University Advising Center (UAC) enhances student learning by maximizing student use of University resources, ensuring understanding of University policies and procedures, and encouraging campus and co-curricular involvement. Through purposeful interactions, Academic Advisors encourage freshman and undeclared students to focus on their academic success and to define personal goals to support their overall success towards degree completion. In addition, the University Advising Center facilitates professional and meaningful relationships with the UT Arlington community.


The purpose of this form is to resolve a problem that remains unresolved after contacting the office you visited for assistance and/or to notify us of any inappropriate treatment received during an interaction with an office. Therefore, in most instances you should have contacted the office you visited prior to completing this form.

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