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School of Urban and Public Affairs

School of Urban and Public Affairs

Certificate Programs

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The School of Urban and Public Affairs offers four certificate programs. 

Students wishing to apply only for a SUPA Graduate Certificate Program but NOT for a SUPA graduate degree program must apply for admission to the UT Arlington Graduate School as a Non-Degree Seeking Special Student.

Development Review

The Certificate in Development Review provides training in zoning, subdivision plat review, site design, communication skills, and urban development, while keeping in mind the interests of citizens and the context of places. These skills are essential for planners who want to understand proposed development activity, ensure that proposed development is consistent with a city’s vision, and facilitate review of development proposals. More about the Development Review Certificate Program.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Geographic information systems (GIS) has become the essential tool of analysis at all levels of public- and private-sector management, administration and planning. People with GIS skills are in demand across a broad range of professions, in government, business and nonprofit organizations nationwide. More about the GIS Certificate Program.

Public Budgeting and Financial Management

Sound fiscal management at all levels of government is essential for meeting the demands of an increasingly expensive and complex service-delivery need. The purpose of this certificate is provide students interested in public sector affairs and local government officials (budgeters, planners, finance analysts, and elected officials) with the skills to enable them to effectively support local government financial decision-making.  

Participants should expect to attain a comprehensive understanding of public budgeting and financial management processes and theories including knowledge of the various government revenue sources, major expenditures, and borrowing mechanisms used to finance long-life capital assets. More about the Public Budgeting and Financial Management Certificate Program.

Urban Nonprofit Management

Demand for nonprofit-management education has surged along with job growth in the nonprofit sector and with the increased competitiveness between nonprofit agencies. Students, looking to move into the sector are finding entry easier and opportunities greater with nonprofit-management credentials. The certificate in Urban Nonprofit Management is intended as preparation for students who are working in or are considering management careers in a nonprofit organization.

Public-affairs programs, like the one at SUPA, offer a reliable venue for nonprofit-management education. The program is tailored specifically to nonprofit-organization needs, guided by an advisory board of nonprofit professionals. More about the Urban Nonprofit Management Certificate Program.

Admission Requirements for Certificate Programs


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