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School of Urban and Public Affairs

School of Urban and Public Affairs

Master of Public Administration

Program Director: Dr. David Coursey

naspaa logoMission Statement

The mission of the Master of Public Administration program is to strengthen public decision making and the delivery of public services in a globalized and diverse society by educating students to lead and manage organizations at all levels of government and nonprofit institutions ethically, democratically, and effectively.

Program Overview

The program is ranked #73 in U.S. News & World Report's 2014 ranking of the Best Public Affairs programs. It ranked #12 in’s Spring 2015 ranking of Public Administration programs by current and recent graduate students.US News & World Report Logo

Public Administration is concerned with the formulation, analysis and implementation of public policy in urban institutions. With an inter­disciplinary focus, this program gives special emphasis to the urban community and the special challenges of public managers who serve in urban areas.

The curriculum is designed to develop leadership capacity, understanding of the political, social, and economic characteristics of today's urban environment and the ability to apply current theories of management and analysis to difficult management issues.

The program is meant as preparation for those entering management careers in gov­ernment for the first time or as career development for those already employed who are seeking upward mobility in public management.

For example, AY 11-12 graduates took or have jobs in state/local/regional government (23), non-profits (5), private sector consulting (7), and other private sector organizations (2).  Job titles and roles vary but most are mid-to-upper level managers and/or analysts.*

As of Fall 2013, there were 137 students in the MPA program: 29 full-time, 108 part-time.  For AY 07-08 admittees, 42% completed the degree within four and 50% in five years.

On-Campus MPA

Offered at our UT Arlington main campus, the On-Campus MPA offers students 6 emphasis areas comprised of courses specializing in each specific area. MPA students choosing the On-Campus MPA, will be able to maintain a flexible schedule - enrolling as a full-time or part-time student. The On-Campus MPA Program admits new students every fall, spring and summer semester. The program is designed to be completed in two academic years (2 Fall and 2 Spring semesters) by full-time students. 

Online MPA

The online program provides a convenient, flexible way for working professionals or recent graduates to earn their MPA degree, regardless of their schedule or location, without sacrificing academic quality. Students are not required to attend the campus at any time. The program is designed to be completed in seven semesters by part-time students. Students sequentially take two eight-week courses per term except in Summer where courses are taken simultaneously.  For more details including courses, admission requirements, and costs, see our online MPA program website or call our enrollment specialist at 866-489-2810.

Online MPA Program Pre-Fall 2013

If you entered the MPA program before Fall 2013, the previous online program details apply to you.

* Employment data for 21 AY 11-12 graduates is not available from UTA records.



Examining Art and Place
Dr. Carl Grodach and two graduate assistants examined location patterns of New York state and city arts organizations and found that they are less likely to be in diverse, disadvantaged neighborhoods.