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School of Urban and Public Affairs

School of Urban and Public Affairs

Master of Urban Affairs and Policy

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Program Director: Dr. Colleen Casey

The School of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington offers a Masters in Urban Affairs and Policy (MUAP) that prepares students and professionals for careers and career-advancement in the development, implementation and evaluation of urban policies that require both comprehension of complex issues yet application of tangible solutions. Students develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyze, question, challenge and shape urban policy. They draw on a core of economics, political science and sociology to analyze and interpret multiple types of data in order to critically evaluate problems and provide alternative courses of action. The program is organized around select public policy issues that focus on the economic/community development, environmental or healthcare challenges of the urban milieu. Because urban issues are complex, the program is interdisciplinary in character, curriculum content, and faculty. It provides a stimulating and inclusive environment for intellectual curiosity, rigorous inquiry and creativity and for developing new knowledge and putting it to work in the service of environmentally and economically sustainable healthy urban communities to ultimately improve the quality of urban life.

The 39 to 42 hour curriculum is comprised of five core courses that address the social context from which public policy emanates. These courses demonstrate the role of economics, politics and society in identifying urban social issues and developing policies to address them. Four required research and analysis courses prepare the student with the requisite techniques for evaluating the need for and the effect of public policy. The courses range from introductory statistics to cost benefit analysis. The next portion of the curriculum, nine hours, depends upon the student’s interests in one of the three policy areas of Healthcare Policy, Environmental Policy or Economic Policy. Students complete the mandatory course for the emphasis area in the School of Urban and Public Affairs and six additional hours from within SUPA or from a department elsewhere on the UTA campus. The student has the option to complete their degree with a three-hour professional report or a six-hour master’s thesis.

A new graduate will have an understanding of how the development and implementation of policy in his or her professional area is affected by urban issues and have the tools needed by the professionals in the field.

Evening classes are held on campus and are scheduled for the working professional. Each class meets once per week for three-hour sessions. We welcome part-time students who carry three or six hours per semester. Students can expect to complete the degree in approximately two years.

Contact Dr. Colleen Casey at for more general information about MUAP or click on the Request Information link under Related Links above for more detailed information.



URPA 5309 Intergovernmental Relations
URPA 5305 Theories of Urban Societies
URPA 5306 The Urban Economy or URPA 5364 Urban Political Economy
URPA 5311 Social Policy Formation and Analysis
URPA 5324 Urban Public Finance



URPA 5302 Foundations of Urban Research and Analysis
URPA 5342 Strategies for Urban Research
URPA 5346 Data Analysis or URPA 5344 Qualitative Analysis
URPA 5348 Cost Benefit Analysis



Students select an emphasis area and take a total of three courses.

Healthcare Policy
URPA 5314 Health Policy
Student chooses six additional hours from SUPA or any UTA graduate program. MUAP director approval is required. Click here for Healthcare Policy curriculum.

Economic/Community Development Policy
URPA 5312 Urban Economic Policy
Student chooses six additional hours from SUPA or any UTA graduate program. MUAP director approval is required. Click here for Economic/Community Development Policy curriculum.

Environmental Policy
URPA 5365 Foundations of Environmental Policy.
Student chooses six additional hours from SUPA or any UTA graduate program. MUAP director approval is required. Click here for Environmental Policy curriculum.

URPA 5396 Professional Report

URPA 5698 Thesis 

Pre-Fall 2014 Master of Arts in Urban Affairs

If you entered the MAUA program before Fall 2014, the previous program details remain an option.