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School of Urban and Public Affairs

School of Urban and Public Affairs

Internship FAQ

Q: What is an internship?
A: An internship involves receiving academic credit for a particular project that you, your
     employer, and the INTS Program believe is appropriate to your professional or
     academic goal as stated on your Degree Plan. The project must begin and end during
     the semester you are enrolled in INTS 4395.
Q: Who secures the internship?
A: In most cases, the student has to secure the internship.

Q: What are the qualifications and prerequisites for INTS 4395?
A: Successful completion of, or enrollment inINTS 2301, full admission to INTS program, and professor approval.
Q: When do I apply?
A: You must apply for the internship the semester before the semester of the internship.
     This involves (a) securing the internship (see Information for Prospective Internship
     Sponsors), and (b) submitting the completed signature page of the Application Form
     to the internship professor. Once approved, your Advisor will clear you for the course.

Q: How will my grade for the course be assessed?
A: Seventy-five percent (75%) of your grade for the course will be based on the
     internship project. The remaining twenty-five percent (25%) of your grade will be
     based on a 8-10 page integrative paper explaining how the cognitive skills acquired in
     your Area of Concentration have enabled you to successfully complete your project
     and have helped to prepare you for your professional or academic goal.
Q: What if I am unable to complete everything by the end of the semester when grades are due?
A: Requests for an Incompletes must conform to the INTS Program’s policy as stated in
     the course syllabus. You must complete all remaining work by the end of the
     following semester.