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School of Urban and Public Affairs

School of Urban and Public Affairs

What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

What is interdisciplinary studies (INTS)?

  • Interdisciplinary studies is a thirty-five year-old academic field and the thirteenth most popular major across the United States.
  • Nationally, almost 500,000 students graduated with an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary degree since 1973.
  • The INTS program allows students to custom build their own program of study resulting in either a B.A.I.S. or B.S.I.S. degree.
  • There are 652 interdisciplinary programs nationwide, along with 215 interdisciplinary masters and 65 doctoral programs.

INTS at UT Arlington

  • With around 700 students in the INTS program at the University of Texas at Arlington, ours is one of the largest and fastest growing academic programs on campus.
  • The INTS program at UTA is the largest program of its kind in Texas.
  • In building custom degree plans, students mix the required core components with various disciplinary components to meet the academic and professional needs of the student.


  • Studies show that students with a background in interdisciplinary studies perform significantly better on tests measuring reasoning, intellectual, and ethical development.
  • The science, medical, and engineering professions are placing a greater emphasis on interdisciplinarity.
  • Interdisciplinary education bridges the "gap" between academia and society by equipping students to think integratively, learn cooperatively, and produce new understandings of real world problems and meaningful questions.
  • Employers increasingly desire graduates ready to address the "interdisciplinary" needs of the work world and global economy.
  • Businesses value the hallmarks of interdisciplinarity: analytical thinking, critical thinking, research, and clarity and precision in reading, writing, and speaking.