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Benito Chen, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Mathematics

College of Science


Academic Background

PH.D in Appplied Mathematics, Caltech, 1979

Areas of Sustainability/Environmental Expertise

Mathematical modeling of bioremediation of aquifers using biofilms.

Mathematical modeling of epidemics.

Summary of Current and Ongoing Research

Mathematical modeling of biofilm growth with randomness, models of biofilm growth under dry conditions, such as those that fix nitrogen for plants.  Models for epidemics with randomness.

Publications and Research

B. Chen, D. T. Dimitrov and H. V. Kojouharov, 2009, Numerical Simulation of Multi-Species Biofilms in Porous Media for Different Kinetics, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, Vol 79, pp. 1846-1861.

D. Stanescu and B. Chen, 2009, Random Coefficient Differential Equation Models for Bacterial Growth, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Vol 50, pp. 885-895.

A. J. Arenas, G. Gonzalez and B. M. Chen, 2009, Dynamical analysis of the transmission of seasonal diseases using the differential transformation method, Mathematical and Computer Modeling, Vol 50, pp. 765-776.

B. Chen & H. Kojouharov, 2008, Mathematical Modeling of Bioremediation of Trichloroethylene in Aquifers, Computers and Mathematics with Applications, Vol 56, pp. 645-656.

B. Chen and H. Kojouharov, 2003, Numerical Simulation of Dual-species Biofilms in Porous Media, Applied Numerical Mathematics, Vol 47, pp. 377-389.