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Victoria C. P. Chen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

Director, Center on Stochastic Modeling, Optimization, & Statistics (COSMOS).


Academic Background

Ph.D., Operations Research, Cornell University, 1993.

M.S., Operations Research, Cornell University, 1991.

B.S., Mathematical Sciences, The Johns Hopkins University, 1988.

Areas of Sustainability/Environmental Expertise

Statistical modeling, data mining, multi-stage stochastic optimization. Environmental applications: Ozone pollution control strategy optimization, data mining and analysis of particulate matter, multiple objective evaluation of wastewater treatment technologies, statistical analysis and minimization of the environmental impact of airport deicing activities, optimization for the design of a hydrogen filling station for fuel cell vehicles, multivariate monitoring of power plant processes, minimization of nitrogen oxide emissions from coal power plants.

On Sustainability...

Becoming more sustainable is a matter of being less wasteful and less contrary to what nature intended, and ultimately, sustainable behavior is more efficient and economical.