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Green Event Planning

What is Green Event Planning?

Green Event Planning Certification recognizes campus departments and events that have taken extra steps to be more sustainable. Depending on the number of prescribed actions that are incorporated into an event, the event is awarded a bronze, silver, or gold rating.

GOLD 8 or more items
SILVER 6 or more items
BRONZE 4 or more items


Steps to Certification
  1. Event or meeting organizers should decide as a group to pursue green certification.
  2. Plan and implement sustainability initiatives for your meeting or event from the following categories: Energy, Transportation, Waste, Printing, Food, other/innovation.
  3. There are required items within each category, denoted in red, which must be met as a base level of certification. You do not receive points for these items but they must be met in order to be considered for certification.  
  4. Complete the certification checklist (electronic submissions preferred).
  5. The Office of Sustainability will review the submission, request a review meeting and/or suggest modifications and additional information if necessary, and then determine the event or meeting rating.
  6. The certification process is complete! The Office of Sustainability will provide event or meeting organizers with an electronic certificate (pdf) to display at the event, the event will be recognized on the Office of Sustainability website, and the Office of Sustainability will provide an electronic certification logo to display on meeting or event materials.
  7. Provide the Office of Sustainability with feedback about the certification progress by completing a brief online survey