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Maverick Office Green Team

The Maverick Office Green Team goes beyond the typical environmental initiatives that many individuals, offices and departments at UT Arlington already support. This program takes a coordinated, long-term and campus-wide approach, providing resources, helpful guidelines and on-going consultation as needed. It also provides recognition to outstanding Maverick Office Green Teams including a reception with the President.


Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

As a University, we are committed to becoming a leader in sustainability and stewardship of the environment. Sustainability represents societal efforts to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our efforts to date have been substantial. Many of you have taken the challenge to heart with individual commitments to recycling, turning off lights and computers at night, photocopying on two sides, and reducing water consumption. But, as you know, we still have far to go. The Sustainability Committee has been working to better understand how the University can accelerate its already strong commitment to managing environmental resources.

We are now calling on all departments and offices to take the next step by signing up for the Maverick Office Green Team—a new coordinated, collaborative effort to meet higher environmental standards for office practices. This will include extended initiatives in reducing, recycling and reusing, energy conservation, purchasing, and more.

Please designate a representative from your office who will lead your team. We need campus-wide participation to ensure the success of this new and necessary program. Thank you for your support.


James D. Spaniolo


Start Your Own Office Green Team

Get involved today! Learn all about the Maverick Office Green Team and ways to go greener in your department.

Green Team application now online

Maverick Office Green Team Self Audit Form online

Download Green Team program description [pdf]

Download feedback form [pdf]

Visit the recycling and composting, purchase green, What Can I Do?, news, online meeting options, and events pages of this website for opportunities to learn and earn Green Team points.

Ready to join the Maverick Office Green Team? Contact Becky Valentich, Recycling Coordinator, Office of Sustainability

Green Team Participants

Thank you to all of the Green Team departments and groups for their dedication to sustainable business practices.

Administration and Campus Operations, Vice President's Office
Admissions, Records and Registration
Alumni Association
Automation & Robotics Research Institute (ARRI)
College of Business, Dean's Office
Campus Recreation
Career Services
Chemistry & Biochemistry/CPB 130
Civil Engineering, 4th Floor Nedderman Hall
Counseling Services
Center for Distance Education
Development Office & Communications, College of Liberal Arts
College of Engineering
English Language Institute
Environmental Health & Safety
Equal Opportunity Services
Facilities Management
Fort Worth Center
Graduate Studies Office
Human Resources
Human Resources - Employment Office
Management Services, Housing and University Center
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Multicultural Affairs
President's Suite 300 including Provost and Administration & Campus Operations
Office of Research Administration
Student Affairs, Davis Hall Suite 350
Student Enrollment Services Project Management Team
Student Health Services
Suite 409 Accounting
School of Urban and Public Affairs
Small Business Development Center, ARRI
Student Publications
TRIO PreCollege
Office of Undergraduate Recruitment
University Center/Apartment & Residence Life
University Communications, Davis Hall


Green Team Tales

Graduate Studies support specialist Loretta Doty and admissions counselor Polly Downs spearheaded a recycling plan in the Office of Graduate Studies that has gone "above and beyond," according to Becky Valentich, recycling coordinator in the Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Here's a partial list of their Go Green efforts:

  • Provided an e-mail listing of items to be placed in the recycling bins.
  • Put graduation applications and information online instead of printing it.
  • Planned a plant clipping exchange/picnic.
  • Organized a poster naming contest. They are the Graduate Green Group.
  • Outsourced application fee processing, which saves paper.
  • Created a sign-up sheet of those participating in a car pool group.
  • Created a sign-up sheet of those participating in "bringing your lunch at least twice a week to save transportation emissions."
  • Created a sign-up sheet of those willing to turn off their office lights when leaving their office to save energy.
  • Created a sign-up sheet of those who have committed to turning off their power strip at the end of their work week.
  • Created a sign-up sheet to deliver the compostables to the compost site.
  • Watered plants with unused drinking water.

Q: How did you come up with the recycling plan?
A: (Polly) We took the Go Green list of initiatives and expanded upon it, incorporating initiatives that were unique to our office. We found that having fun with it was the key to our success.
(Loretta) To encourage participation from all staff, we initially had an award of a desk plant at the end of the first month for all who took part in emptying our recycling bins and taking coffee grounds to the Summit Street compost area. We had sign-up sheets for different initiatives as a commitment from our staff to participate a certain number of days of the week and to raise awareness of how they could go green.

Q: Has the plan met your expectations?
A: (Loretta) It's actually worked better than I expected. Our latest initiative is "Energy Conservation, Save the Elevator—Take the Stairs." We'll accomplish energy conservation and grow healthier as well.
(Polly) It has been working very well, although occasionally I become the recycling police and move a piece of paper, bottle or can from the trash to the recycling bin. For the most part, everyone is very conscientious and does a great job at recycling, reducing and reusing.

Interview courtesy of MavWire


  environmentally-friendly holiday decorations
Green Team Photos

Post your photos of environmentalism in action on the Mavericks Go Green Facebook photogallery. We might even feature your photo right here, like ARRI's environmentally-friendly holiday decorations.