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Air North Texas

Watch public service announcements for Air North Texas!

UT Arlington is the first educational entity to partner with Air North Texas. The regional clean air campaign aims to be a comprehensive resource and promote a consistent air quality message. Air North Texas, formed by the North Central Texas Council of Governments with support from the Air Quality Public Relations Task Force, encourages residents to make clean-air choices. Nine North Texas counties, including Tarrant and Dallas, are classified as nonattainment areas for eight-hour ozone levels by the Environmental Protection Agency. Visit to learn more.


UT Arlington received the following awards from ANT:

2010-2011- Outstanding Achievement in Advertising- Students at UTA not only made clean air choices but also motivated peers and North Texans to do the same. In partnership with Air North Texas and UTA professors, students wrote, filmed and produced 30-second public service announcements, including one in Spanish.

2009-2010- Outstanding Achievement in Initiative-The University of Texas at Arlington tested new communication strategies and applied innovative concepts to outreach related to the Air North Texas campaign. University staff created several opportunities to promote the campaign and initiated work on a project allowing students to create Air North Texas public service announcements.


TMAC (The Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center) 

The University of Texas at Arlington and the TMAC (formally The Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center) offers onsite implementation assistance of Management Systems and Sustainability Tools and classroom trainings to augment these Management Systems.  On site implementation assistance will introduce the concepts of Lean, Clean and Energy opportunities to reduce waste. TMAC’s integration of these concepts to create organized management systems will support long term sustainability for any organization. A typical three day project will work with a cross-functional team to measure and identify areas for improvement within the production, information and waste flows, establish a vision for the future, and develop a plan to achieve the vision. The delivery includes:

  • Lean Review which leads to increased productivity and reduced costs
  • An Energy Audit which provides tools and insight to reduce energy demand and costs
  • A Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Evaluation that teaches manufacturers how to calculate GHG emissions and evaluate reduction strategies
  • A Clean Review which results in water and energy conservation, reduced emissions, and additional cost savings
  • Post-Assessment Recommendations that guide each facility toward improvements in overall efficiency, reduced waste, more efficient use of resources including energy and water, and cost savings

14 organizations who recently participated in the Lean/Clean/Energy Management Systems project identified the following impacts:

Annual kWh Reductions Gallons of Water Saved Dollar Savings Tons of Solid Waste Reduced
$24,334,953 $9,283,285 $5,363,129     846.9

Contact information:

Tom Beard-TMAC
Phone:  (817) 307-0486
Charaee Tropp           
Phone:  (469) 450-2562
Kurt Middelkoop         
Phone:  (817) 307-0613