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Green Purchasing can be defined as "products or services" that have a less or reduced impact on the human health and the environment when compared with no green products that serve the same purpose. The connection to purchasing is simple—the goods we purchase require energy and resources to produce, package, transport, use, and/or dispose of—so choosing products whose life-cycle impacts are minimal can really reduce overall campus emissions. The Purchasing work group is comprised of volunteer students, faculty, and staff committed to working with senior administration to facilitate dialog and implement environmentally responsible solutions across the university.


Recognizing that more environmentally friendly purchasing will require not only institutional changes but also cultural changes in consumption, the Purchasing work group serves the University community by educating, advising, and engaging staff, faculty and students in green procurement strategies to help create a campus culture of environmental sustainability at the individual level.

Recycled Products Purchasing

In the past five years, UT Arlington has played a pivotal role towards preserving environment for future generations through the purchases of recycled products and sustainability activities. We saved:

  • 678 trees
  • 306,371 gallons of water
  • The energy equivalent to 3,326 gallons of oil and 12 homes heated last year
  • 465,580,456 BTUs of energy
  • Reduced green house gas emissions by 68,623 (CO2) equivalents
  • Total Paper Purchase: 158,826lbs
  • Energy Equivalent to energy saved: 132,568 kWh

Learn more about purchasing green products.

Maverick Office Green Teams

Endorsed by President Spaniolo and launched in 2009, the Maverick Office Green Team program is a new coordinated, collaborative effort to meet higher environmental standards for office practices. The program includes extended initiatives in reducing, recycling and reusing, energy conservation, purchasing, and more.

Committee Members

Megan Topham, Work Group Chair
Director for Operations, UT Arlington Fort Worth Center

Julia Cornwell, Director, Procurement Services

Jenny Jopling, Director, Distance Education