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Online Meeting Options

Conserve on fuel and travel dollars through online meetings over your phone, your computer or from a two-way videoconferencing room with these tools:

Meet from your desk phone for:
*One-on-one meetings with your handset or speakerphone


*2 - 7 participant conference calling with your desk phone (great for intercampus meetings)
Contact Teresa Brasher in Telecommunications for details: or x25011

*Larger group phone meetings from your desk can be arranged through Qwest audio conferencing services. This is good for group meetings with people off campus, scattered about the city/state/country. Your departmental phone will be charged at a reasonable rate. All other participants are given a toll-free number to dial in on at no charge to their phones.
Contact Christina Curry at 512-338-5727 and tell her you’re with UT Arlington.

Meet over your computer with audio and even video, if you like. All you need is a microphone and speakers, or headset with a mic. A webcam is an option should you elect to broadcast your image. This type of meeting can be held with these tools:

* Skype - Realtime communication for one-on-one or between a small group of participants. Supports free Skype-to-Skype calling, text chat, 2-way video if webcams are used, conference calling for up to 24 participants. Be mindful of how many you invite for this type of meeting as order might become difficult to maintain. For something more like a board meeting with 5 or more participants, web conferencing software (WebEX, see below) is recommended.

*WebEX - Live web conferencing that allows you to meet with up to 100 participants. You run the show, if you like. No one can speak unless they select the "raise your hand" button and you call on them to speak, or you can opt to make it open for all to speak at once. WebEX supports audio (mic required), presentation sharing, desktop sharing (yours or another's), web browsing, whiteboarding and multiple video streams from users who elect to send their moving image. You can also use it to conduct polls (excellent tool for voting in meetings), and text chat for those who do not have audio input. It is not uncommon to have some participants speaking through a mic and others text chatting with each other to communicate.

Contact Scott Massey with the Center for Distance Education for details: or 817-272-5727.

Meeting one-to-many or group-to-group from two or more specific locations? UT Arlington offers live two-way videoconferencing at selected sites on campus. All participants must have access to videoconferencing facilities on their end, so please confirm that who you are meeting with does before contacting UT Arlington. Meetings should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Be sure to get a technical contact name for your meeting participants' remote site/s so UT Arlington can setup an advance test.

Contact Terry Tisdale with Classroom Support Services for details: or 817-272-7394

Not sure which option to pursue? For a recommendation of which type suits you best, contact Jenny Jopling: