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How to Recycle on Campus


UT Arlington makes it easy to responsibly dispose of paper, plastic, electronics, and more. Learn more about the University's award-winning recycling and composting program.


All employees on campus should have a blue desk side container for their paper. If you do not have a container and need one, contact custodial department to request one. Employees are responsible for emptying their container into the larger blue container. These containers are then emptied by the custodial staff.


If you have small boxes, these can be broken down and placed in the large blue container with your paper. If you have one or two large boxes, these can be broken down and placed next to the large blue container for pick up by the custodial staff. If you have a quantity of large boxes, these should be broken down and placed in an area for pick up. You can call Facilities Management Service Center at ext. 22000 and asked that they be picked up.

Plastic Bottles/Aluminum Cans

Each building on campus should have gray hexagonal shaped containers to collect plastic soda bottles or aluminum cans.

Recycling Stations

The current trend is to replace single recycling containers with recycling stations. These stations will collect paper, plastic/aluminum, and trash in one place. The University Center has their own type of recycling container located on the first floor. One container is by Starbucks, one is by The Market and one is located across from the Food Plaza.

Where do I recycle on campus? Recycling Locations Map


We no longer pick up batteries. Both alkaline and rechargeable batteries can be collected in your department and when we have the e-waste company on campus, you can take to them for processing.

Printer Cartridges

We no longer pick up printer cartridges. You will need to work with your office supply supplier and recycle them through their program. Staples has a program where they will recycle any printer cartridges. Here is a listing of the various office supply companies and their policy on cartridges recycling.


Staples Ink and Toner Recycling Program

Office Max

 Office Depot

 Williams Office Products

There is no written policy on their web site.  If you order from Williams Office Products, when the driver delivers your supplies, you can give them your used cartridges.

Advantage Supply

They are currently working on their website.  You can go to and click on Laser and Ink Cartridge Recycling under Greener Solutions

 Southwest Office Solutions (SOS)

When cartridges are ordered, a pre-addressed box is delivered with the cartridge so the empty cartridge is placed in this box and sent to their recycler.

 Partners Business Products

You can call them to collect your cartridges.  Their number is 817-572-7500.   They would prefer 3 or more at a time to pick up.  If you return 35 cartridges at one time, they will give you a $35.00 Partner’s Gift Certificate.



We no longer pick up technotrash.  Technotrash is small computer ware such as CDs, DVDs, diskettes, audio/video tapes, and small computer components such as motherboards, hard drives, disk drives, the mouse, the keyboard, cords, speakers, etc.  We will be contracting with an e-waste company to provide service to the campus and you will be able to take your e-waste to this company.

Cell Phones

There are boxes on campus where items can be dropped off. Two are located in the University Center, while the others are in the Central Library, Maverick Activities Center, Davis Hall and Nedderman Hall.

Document Destruction and Shredding

Departments with large quantities of documents that are considered "sensitive" and need to be disposed of can follow Fiscal Reg.2-74 Shredding of Records through Asset Management, Section II-Asset Management's Shredding Service. When shredding services are coordinated through Asset Management, complete a Document Destruction Request Form (Exhibit 2-50). The cost for pick up and shredding by the Asset Management/Receiving department is $9.50 per box. Complete instructions and forms are located in Fiscal Reg. 2-74.

Other Recycling Opportunities On Campus

There are other recycling containers in various areas around campus. Throughout the mall area and other outdoor areas are Partner Bins. These bins collect trash on one side and plastic/aluminum on the other side.

Additional Resources

While the University is very comprehensive in its ability to centrally collect items for recycling on campus, some items should be disposed of properly off campus. Departments are asked to refer to this list of resources below.

Copier Toners

There are four different kinds of copier companies currently in use at the University and all have a recycling program:

Oce Imagistics (must pay shipping costs)

Kyocera Mita America (must pay shipping costs)

Xerox (free shipping)
Xerox includes a prepaid label in their product packaging. If you do not find one or if the label has been discarded, go to the Xerox web site and:
1. Click "Continue" next to United States.
2. Select "Multifunction, Copiers, Production Printers, and Fax Machines"; click "Continue."
3. Click on "Label Download" of #3 (Empty Toner Bottles & iGen3 Components).
4. Print the shipping label.
5. On this same page is information about arranging for pick up or shipping.

Sharp (free shipping)
Follow the link to the Sharp website, complete and submit the form. Sharp will process the request and generate a UPS shipping label and instructions for return to an authorized location at no cost. You can also request a bulk shipping carton from the same site.

Consumer Electronics

This includes all items such as televisions, monitors up to 32," computer CPUs, notebooks and other various electronics. For information, visit the websites for Texas Campaign for the Environment or Time to Recycle.

Household Hazardous Waste

This includes items such as acids, aerosol cans, antifreeze, batteries (all kinds, including car batteries), brake fluid, cooking oil, craft chemicals, degreasers, drain cleaner, fertilizer, fluorescent light bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), herbicides, household chemicals, motor oil, paints & stains, paint thinners, pest strips, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, photo chemicals, pool chemicals, oil filters, solvents, transmission fluid and varnish.
1. Go to the City of Fort Worth's website
2. Open to residents of Ft. Worth and participating cities.
3. Check the site to see if your city is a participating city.
4. Check the site for items that "are not accepted."