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Terry Foundation Scholarships

Frequently Asked Questions About the Terry Scholars Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a certain major to be a Terry Scholar at UTA?
No!  Terry Scholars represent majors from many different Colleges, Schools, and Departments at UTA.

As a Transfer Terry, do I have to live in a residence hall to be in the Terry Scholarship Program at UTA?
No.  If you decide to live on campus in a residence hall, we suggest you consider the designated Terry Scholar Living Learning Community, located in Vandergriff Hall in the heart of the College Park District.  You are not required to live on-campus though at any point as a Transfer Terry Scholar

Is there an application fee for the Terry Scholarship at UTA?
There is no application fee associated with the Terry Scholarship at UTA.  You would only be responsible for the application fees that all students are responsible for, for example the admissions application fee.

Do I need to be admitted before I can apply?
No, you can apply, once you have a NetID from UTA, by following the instructions on the "How to Apply" page.  However, until you are admitted, your application cannot be fully considered.

Do I, and depending on my situation my parents, need to file our federal income taxes for 2018 before I complete the application?
No, it is not necessary to complete your 2018 taxes prior to completing the application.  On the section of the application that asks about household income, you may use an estimate of your income.  For the question that asks for Adjusted Gross Income, AGI, you may estimate based off your previous AGI.  You will need completed federal taxes to complete the FASFA, but that does not have to be done prior to applying.

When do I need to have the FASFA completed in order to be considered?
It is not necessary to complete the FASFA prior to applying, but you will want to try to have it completed by April 15th, If you are selected for a final interview with the Foundation, they are going to ask you questions about your finances that will come directly from your FASFA information. No student will be able to receive funding, no matter if they are selected by the Foundation or not, if they do not complete the FASFA. If you are selected for an interview, you are encouraged to bring a printed copy of your Student Aid Report with you to the interview so that you are prepared for any financial questions the Foundation may have at the interview.

How do I submit my application for the scholarship?
It needs to be completed online via the MavScholarShop system.

I want to start in the spring semester. Can I still apply for the Terry Scholarship?
Sorry, all of the Terry Foundation Scholarships for Transfer students are based on starting in either the summer of the fall semesters.

I want to start in the summer semester. Can I still apply for the Terry Foundation Scholarship?

Do I have to attend New Maverick Orientation?
The University of Texas at Arlington requires all "transfer" students to register for and attend a complete New Maverick Orientation program.  In addition to that orientation, there will be a separate orientation for Terry Scholars just before the semester starts.  These two orientations are very different and both are required if you receive the scholarship.

Am I required to take a UNIV 1131 course as a recipient of the Terry Foundation Scholarship?
No.  If you would like to take a student success practicum course, you can, but it is not required.  There will be a specific section of UNIV 1131 for first semester Terry Foundation Scholarship recipients.  This class is usually just the incoming freshman Traditional Terry Scholars, but you are welcome to enroll in that section if you wish.  Contact Student Success Programs at 817-272-6107 if you would like to be enrolled in that course.  Be advised, this course is not required for you though, and may not fulfill any specific area of requirement for your major.