2014-2015 SEASON


  • Sign up for an audition time - Sign up sheets are posted on the Green Room Call Board
  • Arrive EARLY for your audition
  • Fill out all forms and have your picture taken
  • Make sure that you are warmed-up
  • Please be considerate of others auditioning
  • Remember, cold readings are NOT really cold readings.  Try to read the play before you audition so that you have a sense of the style, characters, etc.


  • “Job” interview attire
  • Pressed
  • Professional
  • Well-fitting

Women: dress, skirt, or dress pants, top, close-toed dress shoes

Men: dress pants, dress shirt, dress shoes

*For photographs of appropriate audition attire, please go to www.UPTA.org and look at the actor photographs posted on each page – GREAT examples.


Auditions are usually held during the first week of each fall or spring semester for the plays being produced during that same semester. The primary exception is when a musical is produced. When musicals are produced at the beginning of the spring semester, musical auditions are held at the end of the fall semester and singing rehearsals are held during the last weeks of the fall semester with regular rehearsals resuming the first week of classes during the spring semester. This allows cast members in the musical the opportunity to know the music well enough to continue rehearsing on their own during the winter break. Regular rehearsals for most productions usually last for five weeks prior to opening.

  Directors for each production determine the format and requirements for each production's audition. Directors will usually request either a cold reading (reading scenes directly from the script-not memorized) or prepared, memorized audition scenes from other plays or a combination of both. The type(s) and time length of prepared scenes (comedy, drama, song, etc.) will be stated in the director's audition notice which will be posted on the Greenroom Call Board (bulletin board). Auditionees will be asked to either sign-up for a specific time slot for an audition or will be asked to show up with all other auditionees at a particular time (this will be stated in the audition notice). Auditionees should always read the script of the play before going to an audition. Directors expect auditionees to know the script so that they can appropriately interpret characters in the audition. Scripts are usually available for check-out at the front desk in the Architecture/Fine Arts Library, located on the first floor of the Architecture Building in room 104. Scripts are held on "reserve" at the front desk and may be checked out for several hours to read in the library--they may not leave the library. On occasion, scripts are available to be checked out from the Theatre Arts Office in Fine Arts room 144. The location where a student can check out a script is also noted on the audition information sheet on the Call Board. In some instances a director may also request improvisational scenes or movement/dance auditions, depending upon the needs of the play or musical.

  At the audition, the director or their stage manager will have an auditionee fill out a contact sheet with any scheduling conflicts an auditionee may have during the rehearsal/performance period. An auditionee will also fill out and sign an audition/casting agreement form Following the initial round of auditions, a director will usually post a call-back list of actors they need to audition further. The call-back auditions are held the last day(s) of auditions. Following the callback auditions, the director will post a final cast list on the Call Board and those listed on the final cast list are asked to initial the list next to their name to show that they have seen the list. The director or their stage manager will post a rehearsal schedule for the first days or week of rehearsals.
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