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  1. Hal Shaub, Pranesh Aswath and Zahedul Huq “Engine Oil Additive” (Issued) U.S. Patent Number 7,074,745, July 11, 2006. (Issued) European Patent Number EP 1685219, August 2nd, 2006.US Patent 7074745
  2. Zahedul Huq, Pranesh Aswath, Ronald Elsenbaumer and Conrad Greer. “Friction-Induced In-Situ Formation of Organo-Fluorides” US Patent Office Application 20060063682, March 23rd 2006.20060063682
  3. Pranesh Aswath and Ronald L. Elsenbaumer “Method to Synthesize Fluorinated ZDDP” US Patent Office Application 2006281644, April 14th 2006. 2006281644
  4. Kajal Parekh, Pranesh Aswath, Hal Shaub and Ronald L. Elsenbaumer “Low Phosphorous Lubricant Additive”. US Patent Office Application 20060014652, Januray 19th 2006. (Issued) European Patent: EP1907400, April 9th, 2008. 20060014652
  5. Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, Pranesh Aswath, Harold Shaub and David Owen “System and Method for Providing Continuous, In-Situ, Antiwear Chemistry to Engine Oil Using a Filter System”. US Patent Office Application 20070193935, August 23rd, 2007. 20070193935
  6. Krupal Patel, Pranesh Aswath, Harold Shaub and Ronald L. Elsenbaumer, “High Performance Lubricant Additive”. US Patent Office Application 20070093397, April 26th 2007. 20070093397
  7. Pranesh Aswath, Harold Shaub, Ramoun Mourhatch, Krupal Patel, David Owen and Ronald Elsenbaumer, “High Performance Lubricant Additives for Crankcase Oils, Greases, Gear Oils and Transmission OilsU.S. Patent Number 7,754,662, July 13th 2010 (Issued). U.S. Patent 7754662.

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