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Research Facilities

Research facilties at TLCL include a mix of in house built equipment and equipment purchaced utillizing grant money. In addition researchers at TLCL have access to a several characterization equipment that are part of shared facilities at the University of Texas at Arlington. This includes access to the Center for Characterization in Materials and Biology (CCMB). In addition significant amount of surface characterization is conducted at the Canadian Light Source at Saskatoon, Canada as well as Synchotron Radiation Center in Madison Wisconsin.

 In house built Ball on Cylinder Lubricity Tester (BOCLE)

Plint Ball on Cylinder Lubricity Tester


High Frequency Reciprocating Ball on Flat Tribometer (HFRB)



Block on Ring Grease Tester

Grease Tester-1Grease Tester

Plint Four Ball Wear and Weld Tester (TE92)


Mahr M1 Perthometer







Contact Information

Dr. Pranesh Aswath

Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

500 West First Street, Rm 325, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX 76019

Phone: 817-272-7108, email:

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