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Intellectual Property Documentation and Disclosure Process
The steps in the Intellectual Property protection process begins with a creation of the intellect.
  1. Intellectual Property Creation
  2. Documentation of intellectual property
       #  Documentation in ink in a bound lab notebook
       #  Witnessing of creation by capable person
  3. Evaluation of Patentability and Economic Viability of Intellectual Property :(TTO will assist)
       #  Creator Patent Search
       #  On-line services in TTO office
       #  Creator Evaluation of Commercial Value
           For discussions with Industry, use the following non-disclosure agreement.
           document.gif (958 bytes)  Non-Disclosure Agreement
           A Word for Windows document (Setup Netscape to handle *.doc files)
  4. Preparation of UTA Patent Disclosure Form
       #  Step 1. Download UTA Disclosure Form
       #  document.gif (958 bytes)  UTA Disclosure Form
           A Word for Windows document (Setup Netscape to handle *.doc files)
       #  Step 2. Submit to Intellectual Property Committee at UTA
       #  Step 3. Make oral presentation to Intellectual Property Advisory Committee to define the following:
                       - State of the Art
                       - Advantages and applications of intellectual property
                       - Patentability
                       - Commercial Value
  5. a) Positive Disposition from Intellectual Property Committee
          #  Intellectual Property Committee Recomendation to Vice Provost to Patent
    b) Negative Disposition from Intellectual Property Committee
          #  Release of All Intellectual Property Rights to Creator
          #  Release of Intellectual Property Rights with conditions to Creator
  6. Vice Provost for Research Decision to Patent
  7. Creator works with Patent Attorney to develop Patent
       #  Patent search by UT System
       #  Commercial Value Evaluation
       #  Market survey and marketing effort
  8. Licensing and Royalty income