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UTA employees, university committees and administrators have specific intellectual property responsibilities.
  • Inventor responsibilities
      #  Keep good records of work related to invention
      #  Must submit “Intellectual Property Disclosure to UTA Intellectual Property Advisory Committee, IPAC
      #  Avoid premature public disclosure by publication, sale, offering for sale, etc
  • Intellectual Property Advisory Committee responsibilities
      #  Review the intellectual property to determine the university’s interest and rights
      #  Determine patentability (with assistance of inventor)
      #  Determine commercial viability (with assistance of inventor)
      #  Make recommendation A or B to the Vice President for Research
          A) Decision to pursue the patent process
               - Inventor assigns all rights to the Board of Regents of the university of Texas system
               - Determine patentability (with assistance of inventor)
               - Recommend to Vice President of Research to authorize patent process
          B) Release patent interest to inventor (w/conditions)
  • Office of General Counsel of the UT System responsibilities
    #  Must review the recommendation of the IPAC and the Vice President of Research
      #  Make a decision within 6 months of disclosure
      #  Make arrangements to obtain services of patent law firm