The University of Texas at Arlington



The UT Arlington Upward Bound Math & Science Center (UBMS) has been funded to serve students from the State of Texas. The overall goal of the UBMS is to address the need for specific instruction in the fields of math & science for participating students. As well as to ensure aspiring and well deserving students are encouraged and do excel to be successful in pursuing post-secondary degrees in math and science. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.


The Upward Bound Math & Science Center consists of two different projects; please download the correct information as noted below:

Students located near the Dallas-Fort Worth area consisting of the schools: Alvarado, Grand Prairie, Ennis, Mansfield Timberview and Venus High Schools: DOWNLOAD THE NEW PARTICIPANT LETTER and application materials below.


Please contact our office at 817-272-2636 for information regarding application materials.

Students located in Central, South, West Texas regions consisting of the schools: Banquete, Mathis, Presidio, Somerset, Waco University High Schools and others:: NEW PARTICIPANT LETTER and application materials below.


NOTE: In order to complete your application you will have to submit ALL listed below:

Mail a New Participant Application and Need Assessment packet to:

UT Arlington Upward Bound Math & Science Center
P. O. Box 19356
Arlington, Texas 76019

Local Program:

    January 2015
  • E3 Saturday Activity: 10th
  • Weekly Tutoring: 12th – 15th
  • E3 Saturday Activity: 24th
  • Weekly Tutoring: 26th – 29th

  • February 2015
  • E3 Saturday Activity: 7th
  • Weekly Tutoring: 9th – 12th
  • E3 Saturday Activity: 21st , depart 8:15 am
  • BNSF TAD: 9:30-3:30pm
  • Weekly Tutoring: 23rd – 26th

State Program

    January 2015
  • All Missing ICCPs Due: 5th
  • Online Tutoring: 14th
  • BNSF Project Due: 16th
  • 1-on-1 Phone Session: 20th – 22nd
  • Live Video Conference: 29th
  • Jan. ICCP Due: 30th
  • BNSF Projects Due: 23rd
  • BNSF Forms Due: 28th

  • February 2015
  • Recorded VC Session: 4th-30th
  • OTA/Tutoring: 12th, 6-7pm
  • Summer Intent form Due: 20th
  • Feb ICCP Due: 27th