The University of Texas at Arlington

Bridge Program

The University of Texas at Arlington Upward Bound Math & Science Center's Bridge Program was established to assist program participants with their transition from high school to college. As the highlight of the Upward Bound Math & Science Center, senior participants can earn 6 college credit hours along with free tuition, fees, books, room and board, and activities the summer after they graduate from high school. Bridge program participation is highly competitive each year is based on active participation and an application process.

The program is held during the second summer session at UT Arlington. The Upward Bound Math & Science Bridge Program provides the following:

  • Round-trip travel to UT Arlington
  • Payment of tuition & fees to enroll full-time at UT Arlington
  • Residential housing on campus
  • Books, supplies and tutorial sessions needed for successful completion of coursework
  • Academic success workshops to acquaint student with resources on college campuses
  • Weekly stipends
  • Opportunities to visit scientific and career related institutions
  • Four-year renewable scholarship for UT Arlington the fall semester immediately following graduation...see scholarships

Interesting Fact:

After all tuition costs, fees, activity admission fees, travel, books, stipends, etc. which are entirely provided by the UT Arlington UBMS Bridge Program, the estimated cost for each participant comes to over $3,000. If an average student were to work, 40 hours a week, for 5 weeks (at the same time as the Bridge program) and earn $13.10 an hour, they would only earn an estimated $2,620. Most students will be working less hours and making a lot less. The UT Arlington UBMS Bridge Program, with its transferable college credit and valuable experience, is more economically advantageous than it would be working during the five week program.

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  • Summer Residential Institute: June 7th – July 18th
  • Friday Activities: 6/12, 6/19, 7/10
  • ABC Competition: June 26th – 27th
  • C 2 C Connections Conf.: June 24th
  • Special Activities: July 3rd
  • UBMS Banquet: July 13th
  • Enrichment Trip: July 14th – 18th

Local Program:

    May 2015
  • Summer Residential Institute, Arrival: June 7th, 1-3 pm

State Program

    May 2015
  • May ICCP Due: May 15th
  • VC Session-Live: 20th , 10-12:30 pm