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TrailBlazer is the official University-wide electronic newsletter for all students. Featuring an engaging mix of University-related news and information, events, academic policies, cultural and professional enrichment opportunities, and athletic events, TrailBlazer's primary mission is to keep the University's large and diverse group of students well informed about their campus, to instill a sense of pride in the achievements of our institution, and to be the primary source of official information pertaining to the campus environment at the University.


TrailBlazer is published once a week and is distributed to all current students of UT Arlington via the student listserv. The Department of University Communications publishes TrailBlazer every Tuesday (except for holidays) during the fall and spring semesters, and every other Tuesday during the summer.

TrailBlazer will list only University-related news or events sponsored by an official University group, organization or department.

Lectures, conferences, seminars, etc., in the "Learn More" section will only be listed for two issues. Fundraising events will not be listed in TrailBlazer unless the proceeds go to the University or, as in the case of the State Employee Charitable Campaign or the Alumni Association, it is an officially sanctioned beneficiary.

A faculty or staff member must send all submissions directly from their University email account. We cannot accept a submission from a student or from a non-UTA email box.

TrailBlazer is distributed in HTML format directly to student email in-boxes. A link to the corresponding Web site is included if there are any display problems in viewing the emailed document. All UT Arlington students are included in the listserv to receive TrailBlazer. Students may not choose to opt out of this communication.


To avoid duplication and inconsistency of University messages, all announcements for the Arlington campus and the Fort Worth Center (including academic/cultural events, meeting announcements, sporting events, etc.) should be submitted for possible inclusion in TrailBlazer rather than sent out as an independent email item. Occasionally, for items of significant and timely importance that may occur between the standard TrailBlazer publishing dates, University Communications may choose to issue a TrailBlazer Extra. University Communications will consult with a dean or vice president to determine if an item or event warrants the issuance of a TrailBlazer Extra edition.

For urgent items concerning the public safety and security of the University community or information concerning pending or imminent weather events, the MavAlert system may be used.

A. Submitting Items to TrailBlazer

University faculty, staff and administrators must submit information to the TrailBlazer editor at least three (3) working days prior to the TrailBlazer distribution date (i.e., by 12 noon on Thursday). Any items that have missed the deadline will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with the opportunity for inclusion sharply decreasing as the issue date approaches.

TrailBlazer accepts announcements of all University-sponsored events, athletics events, campus events, programs, seminars, fundraisers, etc. Submissions should be one paragraph in length, and whenever possible, include hyperlinks to relevant Web pages. The supplier of this information is solely responsible for the content of any material found through a link to another page.

Items may be submitted as a Word document attachment or simply written out in an email message, and emailed to Do not submit flyers and/or PDF documents with information embedded in them. Items should include all of the essential information (who, what, where, when, costs and contact information). Relevant photography (with individuals clearly identified in a caption) or supporting graphics directly related to an item also may be submitted with the text. Logos of UT Arlington departments sponsoring any events will not be used. Decisions on the use of third-party logos will be made on a case-by-case basis and must be relevant to the event itself and not used solely to imply a sponsorship.

Only submissions from a UT Arlington faculty or staff member will be considered for possible inclusion. Student groups and organizations must have their faculty advisor submit the item.

B. Commercial Services

Only internal commercial services (companies with UT Arlington contracts), such as the UT Arlington Bookstore, the University Club, Alumni Association, etc.), will be considered in terms of offering/promoting special rates or discount offers to students.

External companies or organizations wishing to promote discounted prices/rates through TrailBlazer will not be included.

C. Events on Campus

Entertainment events, such as concerts and family shows, may be included in TrailBlazer as a service to the University community. The Department of University Communications reserves the right to accept or deny publishing of any event in TrailBlazer.

D. TrailBlazer Extra

For occasions when news or information needs to be disseminated to the University community immediately, the Department of University of Communications may distribute an additional issue of TrailBlazer called TrailBlazer Extra. TrailBlazer Extra will be used only for major breaking news or information. The Vice President for Communications (or his or her designee) will make decisions on issuing a TrailBlazer Extra in consultation with the president or provost, as necessary.

E. Obituaries

TrailBlazer will publish announcements pertaining to the deaths of current UT Arlington students, faculty, staff and administrators if there will be an on-campus memorial service open to the entire University community. Obituaries of former University students or employees will be restricted to those who have made a significant contribution to the University, as determined by the Vice President for University Communications.

F. Opt Out of Receiving TrailBlazer

Students may not opt out of receiving TrailBlazer or TrailBlazer Extra. Each issue contains essential news and information for students, including policies, events, announcements about campus construction and disruptions, and other important news and information. Additionally, there are times when an alert to students needs to be communicated urgently, such as a water main break or changes that take effect immediately.

G. Religious Items

Only events and news submitted by a department of the University will be included in TrailBlazer.

H. Research Requests, Grant Proposals and Calls for Papers

Departments and schools/colleges wishing to publicize requests for research and grant proposals and papers from external organizations should contact the Office of the Vice President for Research.

I. Inclusion of Items in Consecutive Issues of TrailBlazer

In general, an announcement about an event, such as a lecture, will run in TrailBlazer the week before either the actual date of the event or the R.S.V.P. deadline. Items will not run for more than two (2) issues in a row. The person who submits the item may choose to have the item run in two (2) non-consecutive issues if they wish.

J. Requests for Research Subjects

TrailBlazer will not publish requests for human research subjects from any University school, college or department.

K. Editing

Any item submitted may be edited for clarity, style and space consideration.

L. Editorial Considerations

The final decision for any item to be included rests solely with University Communications. Any appeals for inclusion, or clarification on policy should be directed first to the editor of TrailBlazer. The Associate Vice President for Communications and and/or the Vice President for Communications will be the final arbiter of any issue related to this publication.



Editors: Teresa Newton, Kathryn Hopper

Executive Director for University Publications: Mark Permenter

Associate Vice President for Communications and Marketing: David Johnson

Published by University Communications. Photography, video, design, and online services provided by the Department of Communications and Marketing.

The University of Texas at Arlington


TrailBlazer is published by the Department of University Communications on Tuesdays during the fall and spring semesters, and every other Tuesday during the summer. To submit items for possible inclusion in TrailBlazer, email Items must be received three working days before distribution. Inclusion of events and activities in TrailBlazer does not necessarily constitute an endorsement by the University. Read the TrailBlazer Guidelines.

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