University Partnership Between the School of Urban and Public Affairs  University of Texas at Arlington  and the University of Kragujevac, Serbia

The NIS College and University Partnership Program between the School of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) and the University of Kragujevac (UK) has the long-term objective of formalizing and sustaining a relationship between the collaborative partners who share the mission of achieving continuous improvement in local public services through professional management education. Funding from the U. S. Department of State will enable the two institutions to achieve several shorter-range objectives including:

1) development of a Certificate Program in Public Management (CPPM) within the University of Kragujevac School of Law (UKSOL).

2) creation of a resource center at UKSOL for the coordination of educational activities  and program administration during and after the two-year grant period.

3) collaboration of faculties from the UK and SUPA/UTA in offering seminars for students, other faculty and interested public officials in Serbia and the Unites States on topics of mutual interest and benefit.

4) development of a Serbian advisory council to provide advice and establish credibility for the UK resource center and its activities.

5) arranging for faculty exchanges that result in the development of new instructional capabilities within the U of K and SUPA/UTA.

6) organizing a regional conference in Kragujevac in the final months of the project to showcase results to date of the certificate program and plan strategically for the partnershipís role as a contributor to the future enhancement of public management education in Serbia. 

7) providing the services of senior graduate student research assistants from SUPA/UTA to assist at critical junctures in the project

    Summary of Major Activities

Implementation of Year I began with a planning visit of David Tees and Fred Fisher to Kragujevac. The work plan for the University Partnerships Program calls for a planning visit to Serbia by partnership officials from the United States during the first few months of the project to set into motion actions needed to get the project off to a good start. David W. Tees, Director of Training and Services at the University of Texas at Arlington, was the team leader. Professor Tees was accompanied by Dr. Fred Fisher who directs the Pennsylvania-based International Development Institute for Organization and Management (IDIOM), Dr. Fisher serves as the projectís outside evaluator.     

Professor Wyman visited Serbia for a 10 day planning visit in June.  He met with faculty, city officials and NGO executives and had several planning meetings with the Serbian Training Team.  He also presented the project to the Association of Jurists and Public Administration at their conference in Budva, Montenegro.

Joanna Duke traveled to Serbia for three months to serve as the on-site coordinator for the Center for Public Administration (CPA), marketing the Certificate program, assisting in the preparation of training materials and networking with University, municipal and NGO leaders.  Professor Alejandro Rodriguez spent five weeks in Kragujevac in July-August helping to prepare the trainers and develop materials for the Public Finance and Performance Measurement modules. 

    Activities at UTA and Kragujevac

On April 28, 2003  the School of Urban and Public Affairs hosted an International Symposium at the University of Texas at Arlington.  Presentations included:

-         Democracy Building and Market Creation in Serbia (Natasa Pesic)

-         Building Institutions to Create Democratic Markets in Ukraine (Olena Panova)

-         Public Budgeting in the United States and Serbia: Emergent Frameworks (Joanna Duke and Trish Nickel)

-         Reconciling Market Disconnects Between Eastern European & Western European Countries (Dr. Raymon Bruce)

-         On The Road To Democracy: Providing Transparency with Hedonic Valuation of Real Estate in Central and Southeastern Europe and Balkan states (professor Rod Erakovich & Dr. John W. Shapton) 

 Spring brought three young professionals to SUPA for training of the trainer workshops. Dusan Sipovac, Natasa Pesic Radosavljevic and Ljubica Milenkovic. The participants from Serbia attended training sessions provided by professors David Tees, Jim Kunde and Rod Erackovich. In addition to training sessions, they attended courses in SUPA including Urban Public Finance, Public Participation and Social Capital, Personnel and Human Resources in the Public Sector, Public Budgeting, Strategic Planning and the Metroplex: A Survey of Public Institutions and Processes. 

        Training by UTA Faculty

     Jim Kunde held strategic planning workshops for the participants in order to enhance the skills they were developing in the TOT sessions.  David Tees provided several TOT training sessions with the assistance of Rod Erakovich and Kunde.  Concepts that were taught include the difference between adult and child learning styles, development of training module activities and how to be an effective facilitator . 

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