University Partnership between the School of Urban and Public Affairs University of Texas at Arlington  and the University of Montenegro, Montenegro

    Project start date and end date: September 2003 to August 2006.

    Project Co-Director: Djordjije Blazic - President Agency for Local Democracy and Partnership Montenegro, Organizational Sciences Faculty "Management of the Public Administration" the University of Belgrade, Philosophy Faculty at the University of Novi Pazar

    The goal of the partnership is to strengthen the capacity and reputation of the University of Montenegro and School of Urban and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Arlington as purveyors of public management education, encourage the  transfer or relevant knowledge and broaden the exposure of SUPA/UTA faculty to a country in transition. The mail objectives are:

1.     Development of a Certificate Program in Public Management (CPPM). The project’s long –term goal is to formalize and sustain a relationship between the collaborative partners who share the purpose of achieving continuous improvement in public services through creation of a public management education program for Montenegro headquartered in Podgorica at a new Partnership Training and Policy Research (PT&PR) Center.

2.     Creation of a Training and Policy Research (PT&PR) Center in Podgorica for the coordination of curriculum development, outreach and program administration during and after the three-year grant period.

3.     Collaboration of faculties and from the University of Montenegro and SUPA/UTA in offering at least two policy research seminars each year for students, other faculty and interested public officials in Montenegro and in the United States on topics of mutual interest and benefit.

4.     Development of a Montenegrin project Advisory Council comprised of key officials from the University of Montenegro, Ministry of Justice, Republic of Montenegro, and NGOs to provide advice and give credibility to the PT&PR Center in Podgorica and its activities.

5.     Organize a major regional conference for Serbian-Montenegrin and Eastern European officials and trainers at the University of Montenegro to showcase results of the Certificate program.

Collaborative objectives will result in new training and research capacity to support increased effectiveness of public management in Montenegro. This partnership will provide SUPA/UTA with a unique and rare opportunity to study the challenges facing a society in transition.

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