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Unbranded Stories: Alumni

Mavericks are unbranded. They're motivated by a sense of possibility that places no limits on what they can achieve.

  • Storm Chaser

    As founder of Tempest Tours, a storm-chasing business based in Arlington, alumnus Martin Lisius guides people on tornado safaris. His company has been featured in numerous national media outlets.

  • Musical Roots

    Every time Danny Mekonnen picks up his saxophone, he’s connecting with his Ethiopian heritage. The music he creates is vibrant, blazing, and fun.

  • Beacon of Hope

    There were those who questioned whether New Orleans would ever recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Alumnus Robert Lynch wasn’t one of them.

  • Healing Touch

    Nursing graduate Kaci Hickox works alongside some of the nation’s top epidemiologists in her two-year postgraduate fellowship with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Las Vegas.

  • Reel Success

    Alumnus Jason Croft began his film career with a strong interest in being a photography director.

  • Treasure Hunt

    Alumna Nada Shabout has embarked on a mission to collect information on works of art lost in Iraq.

  • A Born Healer

    On a good day, she might help save a life. On a bad day, she at least improves the quality of life of people in need.

  • Rising Star

    A 1989 graduate and filmmaker, Daniel Millican shot his latest production, Rising Stars, on campus.

  • The Making of a Leader

    Every success story has to begin somewhere. For Brittney Joseph, it began with the people she met at UT Arlington and three little letters: F - I - G.