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Unbranded Stories: Research

Mavericks are unbranded. They're motivated by a sense of possibility that places no limits on what they can achieve.

  • Saving Face

    Eileen Moss leads a research team that is developing a pliable, polymer mask embedded with electrical, mechanical, and biological components that can speed healing from disfiguring burns and help rebuild faces.

  • Home, Safe Home

    To help keep seniors safe in their homes, researchers are exploring ways to unobtrusively monitor daily activities and alert caregivers when help might be needed.

  • DNA Detective

    Dr. Koh’s research is about doing more with less. “More” is quick and early detection of harmful things. “Less” is detecting them on a DNA level with nanoscale technology.

  • Controlling Life and Limb

    Working with a $2.2 million grant from the Department of Defense, Dr. Romero-Ortega is helping soldiers who have been wounded and lost one or more limbs.

  • Life-saving Technology

    What do you do when life-saving technology harms the environment? If you’re chemistry Professor Purnendu “Sandy” Dasgupta, you innovate.

  • Bioscience Revolution

    Bioengineering researcher Jian Yang has developed a material that’s fluorescent, biodegradable, and safe to implant in the body.

  • Now Open for Discovery

    Collaboration and research form the foundation for the 234,000-square-foot Engineering Research Building.

  • Digesting a Solution

    Sanchali Deb could have gone to any university she wanted for her doctoral work. She chose UT Arlington.

  • Searching for Signs

    Dr. Vassilis Athitsos is developing a reverse dictionary of American Sign Language that users can interface with through a computer vision system.

  • High-tech Surgery

    Surgery is getting a high-tech upgrade, thanks to bioengineering Assistant Professor Digant Davé and his team.

  • Stress Prevention

    Goolsby Distinguished Professor James Campbell Quick has made organizational stress the focus of his career.

  • Technology Meets Passion

    Dr. J.C. Chiao is pioneering the use of RFID (tiny, wireless, battery-free sensors commonly used in retail stores and the defense industry) for medical research.

  • Helping Aging Adults

    By studying the challenges facing the elderly, Dr. Christopher Ray hopes to restore active lifestyles to millions of senior adults.