The University of Texas at Arlington

Administrative Council



The Administrative Council met Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room. President Robert E. Witt presided.

Introduction of New Members. President Witt introduced the following new members and members who have recently had title changes: Andy Anderson, Chair of Art and Art History; Dale Anderson, Vice President of Fort Worth/Riverbend Campus; George Campbell, Executive Director of Development; Sandra Campbell, Assistant Dean of Honors College; Cheryl Cardell, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs and Director of Measurement and Testing Services; Bill Coats, Director of Business Policy and Fiscal Analysis; Norman Cobb, Associate Dean of the School of Social Work; Phil Cohen, Associate Dean of the Graduate School; Eunice Currie, Interim Director of Human Resources; Dana Dunn, Vice President for Academic Affairs; Danny Dyer, Interim Chair of Mathematics; Charles Funkhouser, Interim Chair of Educational Administration; David Gray, Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration; Tom Hall, Chair of Accounting; Pam Haws, Director of Institutional Research and Planning; Dianne Hengst, Director of the Office for Students with Disabilities; Tamela Herczeg, Director of the Alumni Association; Daniel Himarios, Dean of the College of Business Administration; Chauncey Jackson, Interim Vice Provost for the Office of Technology; Kate Kettles, Director of Governmental Relations; Mark Lanier, Director of the Physical Plant; Jon Leffingwell, Chair of Curriculum and Instruction; Don Liles, Interim Director of the Automation and Robotics Research Institute; Bob McMahon, Associate Dean of the College of Science; Keith McDowell, Dean of the Graduate School; Howard Meyers, Director of Counseling and Career Development; Michael Moore, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Tim Morris, Interim Chair of English; Josie O’Quinn, Interim Assistant Dean of the School of Nursing; John Patterson, Associate Dean of the College of Engineering; Richard Priem, Chair of Management; Louann Schulze, Assistant Dean of the School of Education; David Silva, Director of Linguistics; Pete Smith, Assistant Vice President and Director of Distance Education; Bob Wegner, Associate Dean of the School of Urban and Public Affairs; Nancy Wood, Assistant Vice President for Undergraduate Academic and Student Affairs; George C. Wright, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost; and Robert Young, Chair of Sociology and Anthropology;

Enrollment Update. Dana Dunn, Vice President for Academic Affairs gave an update on enrollment for the Fall 2000 semester, which is the fourth semester of enrollment increases. Fall 2000 shows an increase of 1,275 students (6.7%). There is also a Student Credit Hour increase of 4.6% over last fall. Dr. Dunn listed some patterns that bode well for future increases–the most sizable increases for headcount enrollment are for traditional age students, who hopefully will be retained a while; new freshmen constitute 17.7% of the increase; new graduate students — 78.1%. Students taking a combination of on and off campus courses have increased over 140%. We are seeing strong increases in minority student enrollment (Hispanic — 18.1% and African American — 14%). These increases are a result of the cumulative effect of the hard work done by faculty and staff over several semesters. President Witt congratulated the graduate school on the increase of graduate students.

State Employee Charitable Campaign. Shawn DuMond, Training Coordinator, explained that UTA has been involved in the State Employee Charitable Campaign that advertises charities from state, national and international levels for eight years. Mr. DuMond was pleased in the contribution last year, but feels that UTA’s potential could match the overall total goal for Tarrant County. He feels this year’s goal of $155,000 is obtainable for UTA. Getting involved in this campaign is a way to let the community know that UTA is part of and cares about the Metroplex community. The campaign runs from October 1 through October 31.

Remarks by the President. President Witt stated that this semester is off to a good start with a strong feeling of optimism on campus. Many factors have lead to this positive attitude–enrollment figures, the opening of Arlington Hall, several new degree programs, the NanoFab Center coming on line soon, the Connections Café, the Internet Café in the Library, UTA being in the top tier of the Carnegie rankings. President Witt feels it is going to be a good year with many opportunities. Some opportunities will be tied to learning how to lead and administer the University more effectively and efficiently, making and implementing decisions more rapidly than in the past. We should question whether the way we are doing things is the best way. Administrative and academic units will need to continue working in a joint effort. The boundaries of our campus are changing rapidly due to distance education. By next fall, we will be offering courses on multiple community college campuses. President Witt stressed that it is not enough to take advantage of technology and move faculty to distant sites to serve student demand, we have to be certain we are maintaining quality levels and support services for our students.

Adjournment. The meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.





Recorded by

Connie Frazier