The University of Texas at Arlington

Administrative Council




The Administrative Council met in regular session Thursday, September 27, 2001 at 2:15 p.m. in the University Center Concho Room.  President Robert E. Witt presided.


Introduction of New Members.  President Witt introduced new members to the Council and members who have had title changes:  R.C. Baker, Chair, Information Systems and Operations Management; Khosrow Behbehani, Interim Director, Biomedical Engineering; Ray Boldreghini, Interim Director, Financial Aid; Sarah Burkhalter, Assistant Dean, School of Education; Kelly Davis, Director, Accounting in the Office of Accounting and Business Services; Ray Elliott, Chair, Modern Languages; Ken Farr, Director, Counseling Services; Randal Ford, Assistant Dean, School of Education; Fernando Galan, Associate Dean, School of Social Work; Bob Hayes, University Police Chief; Fred Henry Jr., Director, Multicultural Student Services and Assistant Dean of Students; Christine Hubbard, Director, Student Success Programs; Raymond Jackson, Associate Dean, Graduate School; Peggy Kulez, Director, University Success Courses; Martha LaGess, Dean, School of Architecture; Austin Lane, Director, Student Judicial Services; David Mack, Assistant Dean, College of Business Administration; Theresa Maldonado, Associate Dean, College of Engineering; Jeffrey McGee, Chair, Management; Timothy McKinney, Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts; George Norton, Interim Director, Admissions; Barbara Peet, Director, Career Services; Raymond Shoults, Interim Chair, Electrical Engineering; Julie Sullivan, Director, Asset Management and Receiving; Dale Wasson, Associate Vice President for Student Enrollment Services; Larry Watson, Assistant Dean, School of Social Work; Lieutenant Colonel Jeffry Wood, Military Science; Marianne Woods, Assistant Vice President, Office of Research and Director, Grant and Contract Services; Jennifer Chapman, Executive Director, Auditing and Compliance; Phil Cohen, Dean, Graduate School; Richard Cole, additional title of Interim Dean, School of Liberal Arts; Eunice Currie, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources; Kent Gardner, Vice President, Student Affairs; Chauncey Jackson, Assistant Vice President, Computing and Information Technology; Mark Martin, Vice President, Development; Keith McDowell, Vice President, Research and Information Technology; Tim Morris, Chair, English; Josie O’Quinn, Assistant Dean, School of Nursing; Mary Ridgway, Director, Center for Community Service Learning; Robert Young, Chair, Sociology and Anthropology.


Enrollment Update.  Vice President for Academic Affairs Dana Dunn stated that the hard work of faculty and staff, new programs and new initiatives have resulted in an enrollment increase for Fall 2001.  Enrollment is up 3.7% at 21,180 with a 6.3% semester credit hour increase.  The General Appropriations Acts allocated funds in excess of $5 million to be shared by institutions that showed a Fall 2000 and Fall 2001 enrollment increase in excess of 3%.  New freshmen enrollment increased 18.8% in part due to the provisional program with U.T. Austin.  We hope to attract twice as many new students in this program next fall. 


State Employee Charitable Campaign.  Assistant Vice President for Human Resources Eunice Currie presented information about this year’s campaign.  This year nine-month appointees are also eligible for payroll deduction.  Last year 91 departments (620 employees) participated in the campaign with a total contribution of $74,284.96, very close to the goal of $75,000.  This year’s goal is $80,000 with a repeated campaign theme of “What a Wonderful World.” 


Remarks by the President.  President Witt stated that, while September 11 changed all of our lives, we need to remain focused on several issues, the most important being what we are as a university.  He feels that faculty members are the most privileged group in the world and that universities are special places.  This entails special responsibilities.  As an academic community, we have a responsibility to protect the learning environment and do all we can to create an environment that is free of fear, prejudices and allows freedom of expression.  This may become one of the biggest challenges we face.  Another responsibility is to stay open for business—teach, research, serve.  In the weeks ahead, it is important that we, who represent this university, keep in mind the values of the university.  The community may not understand some decisions made by the University, but as ambassadors of the University, we must help them understand.  We are responsible for creating an environment that is conducive to learning for our students.  President Witt suggested that each of us can contribute to a good learning environment. 


The administration has in place a good process for assessing the seriousness of potential threats to the campus and is working on how best to communicate decisions to the campus community.  The policies and procedures have the safety of the academic community as highest priority. 


It is important to remain focused on what is important to the university.  President Witt is convinced we will have a good semester and more encouraging enrollment reports next semester. 


Adjournment.  The meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.



Recorded by Connie Frazier