The Spring Meeting of the University Faculty and Associates was held at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 10, 2001, in the E.H. Hereford University Center Rosebud Theatre.  Provost George C. Wright presided.


AWARD PRESENTATIONS.  The following faculty members were recognized for their achievements:


Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching – Awardees received a plaque and cash award of $500.


            Eric J. Bolsterli, Sr. Lecturer, Department of History

            Jane S. Himarios, Sr. lecturer, Department of Economics


Piper Professor Nominees – Awardees received a plaque and cash award of $500.


            Donald G. Kyle, Professor of History

            James Campbell Quick, Professor of Management


President’s Award for Excellence in Distance Education Teaching – This is the first year for this award of $750 and a plaque.


            Jennifer R. Gray, School of Nursing


Academy of Distinguished Teachers – Academy members receive a 5 year salary increase of $2,500, a medallion, and a plaque.


            Peggy Quinn, Associate Professor of Social Work

            Richard L. Priem, Professor of Management


Chancellor’s Council Award for Excellence in Teaching – Awardee received a $5,000 cash award from U.T. System and a plaque.


            Victoria A. Farrar-Myers, Assistant Professor of Political Science


Outstanding Research Achievement – Received a plaque and cash award of $1,000.


            Juergen Schieber, Associate Professor of Geology


Distinguished Record of Research Achievement – Received a plaque and cash award of $1,500.


            Richard B. Timmons, Professor of Chemistry


Outstanding Academic Advisor – Undergraduate: 


Frederick Viña, Associate professor of Foreign Languages


Outstanding Academic Advisor – Graduate: 


Stanley H. Palmer, Professor of History


Faculty members receiving Faculty Development Leaves for the Academic Year 2001/2002 were announced:


            William L. Balsam, Department of Geology

            Jonathan A. Campbell, Department of Biology

            George B. Chave, Department of Music

            Doreen Ellioitt, School of Social Work

            Wendy Faris, Department of English

            Aimee Israel-Pelletier, Department of Foreign Languages

            Shiv P. Joshi, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

            George V. Kondraske, Department of Electrical Engineering

            Barbara M. Raudonis, School of Nursing

            Frank Weed, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


REMARKS BY THE PROVOST.   Provost Wright announced that Vice President Dana Dunn had also been recognized this week in the YWCA’s Annual Tribute to Women in Business, Education, and Government. 


The provost explained that President Witt was in Austin where he has been working with state lawmakers, members of the U.T. System Board of Regents and the Chancellor and Executive Vice Chancellor. 


Provost Wright outlined some positive changes and progress at UTA this academic year.  There are new programs in several units on campus including computer science, education, and science.  The $2 million Nanotechnology Research Center was opened.  We have an attractive and clean campus and have made improvements and renovations in classroom buildings throughout campus.  We will continue toward the goal of making UTA not simply a university of convenience, but a university of excellence.  UTA is not only a traditional university with residence halls and student activities, but is clearly attuned to the changes and expansions of higher education, and is strong in diversity. 


By forming alliances with other universities and articulation agreements with community colleges like TCC, DCCCD, McClennan Community College and with public school districts, we are making a smooth and seamless transition for students to UTA.  These alliances have financial benefits for UTA.  We have received funds from UT TeleCampus for our online courses, and have received a TIF grant to equip distance education classrooms on our campus and at McLennan Community College. 


We are committed to keeping our costs reasonable by raising scholarship and fellowship dollars to attract the best and the brightest.  We want to make sure that a lack of financial resources does not prevent any student from entering or completing his/her degree.


While making UTA accessible for students, we have increased our admission standards.  Enrollment has increased along with our academic standards.  We are proud of the number of our first generation college graduates.   We continue to make our institution flexible by offering courses at times that meet the schedules of our students and by offering courses online.


Provost Wright said he is committed to expanding educational opportunities at UTA and has traveled with deans, met with potential groups and officials from other institutions to work out agreements to insure that potential students come to UTA.


Provost Wright congratulated the faculty who received recognition, and applauded the commitment of all faculty, staff, and students to the success of UTA. 


ADJOURNMENT.  The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.  A reception followed.





Zack Prince