The University of Texas at Arlington


University Faculty and Associates




The Spring Meeting of the University Faculty and Associates was held at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 20, 2004, in the E.H. Hereford University Center Rosebud Theatre.  President James D. Spaniolo presided.


AWARD PRESENTATIONS.  The following faculty members were recognized for their achievements:


Provost’s Award for Excellence in Teaching – Awardee received a plaque and cash award of $500.


            Gina Thames, Clinical Instructor in Nursing


Piper Professor Nominee – Awardee received a plaque and cash award of $500.


            Dennis M. Maher, Associate Professor of Theatre Arts


Honors College Faculty Award – Awardee received a plaque and cash award of $500.


            Michael L. Varner, Associate Professor of Music


President’s Award for Excellence in Distance Education Teaching – Awardee received a plaque and cash award of $500.


            Caryl Segal, Lecturer in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice


Chancellor’s Council Outstanding Teaching Award – Awardee received a cash award of  $5,000 from the U.T. System and a plaque.


            Bernard L. Frye, Professor of Biology


Academy of Distinguished Teachers – Academy inductees receive a $2,500 salary increase, a medallion, and a plaque.


            Mary Lynn Crow, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

            Mark Eakin, Associate Professor of Information Systems and Operations


            Doreen Elliott, Professor of Social Work


Arlington Star-Telegram Service Learning Award – Awardee receives a plaque and cash award of $750.


            Alean Royes, Clinical Instructor in Nursing


Outstanding Research Achievement – Awardee received a plaque and cash award of $1,000.


            Hanli Liu, Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering


Distinguished Record of Research Achievement – Awardee received a plaque and cash award of $1,500.


            Kenneth M. Roemer, Professor of English


Academy of Distinguished Scholars – Inductees received a $2,500 salary increase, a medallion, and a plaque.


            Joseph W. Bastien, Professor of Anthropology

            Jonathan A. Campbell, Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology

            Diane J. Cook, Professor in Computer Science and Engineering

            Richard V. Francaviglia, Professor of History

            Abdolhossein Haji-Sheikh, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

            Susan J. Hekman, Professor of Political Science

Frank L. Lewis, Professor in Electrical Engineering and Moncrief-O’Donnell

Chair for Automation and Robotics

            Martin Price, Professor of Architecture

            Krishnan Rajeshwar, Professor of Chemistry

            Richard J. Schoech, Professor of Social Work


Outstanding Academic Advisor – Undergraduate


            Cindy Atha-Weldon, Academic Advisor II,  Department of Psychology


Outstanding Academic Advisor – Graduate


            Stephen Maizlish, Associate Professor of History


Faculty members receiving Faculty Development Leaves for the Academic Year 2004/2005 were recognized:


            Ardeshir Anjomani, School of Urban and Public Affairs

            Myrtle Bell, Department of Management

            Sharma Chakravarthy, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

            Lauri A. Jensen-Campbell, Department of Psychology

            Sharon Judkins, School of Nursing

            Guojun Liao, Department of Mathematics

            Elizabeth N. Morrow, Department of Music

            Vijayan Pillai, School of Social Work

            Kenneth H. Price, Department of Management

            David J. Silvan, Department of Linguistics

            Tachung C. Yih, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

            Christian Zlolniski, Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Faculty members receiving Research Enhancement Program Grants were recognized:


            Ester Betran, Department of Biology

            Shannon Collier-Tenison, School of Social Work

            Joel T. Cramer, Department of Kinesiology

            Jean Gao, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

            Laura Gough, Department of Biology

            Sonia Kania, Department of Modern Languages

            Daniel R. Kimball, Department of Psychology

            Seong Jin Koh, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

            Sang-Woo Lee, School of Architecture

            Pawel Michalak, Department of Biology

            Emily Spence-Diehl, School of Social Work

            Nikola Stojanovic, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

            Lorraine G. van Waasbergen, Department of Biology

            Kathy B. Wright, School of Nursing

            Karel J. Zuzak, Department of Biomedical Engineering


REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT.  We heard about some of our very best across the university in terms of faculty and teachers, researchers, and advisors.  I hope you feel as inspired as I do about the quality of individuals who are part of our faculty and who are recognized here today.  I would like to ask all those who received awards today to please stand so that we can recognize you one more time.  We are very proud.  You make us very proud. 


ADJOURNMENT.  The meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.  A reception followed.




Recorded by Janis Walkup