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Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions in a student's life. The major you choose will impact your life in a variety of ways, including the classes you will take, the opportunities that are available, and the career path that will follow. At UT Arlington, we understand that choosing a major is a process, one that requires time, thought, research, and self-reflection. As a UT Arlington student, you have many resources at your disposal to help you through this process, and no matter where you are on your Major Exploration journey, we are here to make sure that your major decision is the right decision for you.

Major Exploration at UT Arlington involves the following steps:

STEP 1 - Explore

  • Provides some self-assessment tools to learn more about you and your interests, plus resources at UT Arlington, including Counseling & Psychological Services,, introductory coursework, and student activities.

STEP 2 - Discover

  • Access to contact information for all undergraduate majors and minors within the colleges, schools, and departments at UT Arlington with specific information about career fields and the Career Development Center on campus.

STEP 3 - Decide

  • Looking at the big picture, setting realistic goals, and learning how to plan for your life beyond college.

For additional guidance, email an advisor at or sign-up for one of our Major Exploration Seminars. The UAC offers Additional Information for a First-Time Freshman.

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