University College

University College

Decide: Goal Setting for Success

At this point, you should have learned more about yourself and the careers and majors available to you.  Use the information that you've acquired from Explore and Discover to help you choose a major.

Declare Your Major

Meet with an academic advisor in the department in which you wish to declare.  The Maverick Resource Hotline maintains a list of contact information for advising offices across campus.

Build Yourself Up

Make the most of your college years and get valuable experience while you're here! Experience related to your major field and your future career goals can help you sharpen your skill set and build important connections.  It will set you apart from other students—and ultimately, from those competing with you for your dream job!

It's also important to write down all of your experience and start building your résumé sooner than later. Check in with the Career Development Center and learn more about creating a résumé that makes a great first impression.  

There are several ways to gain experience:

  • Internships offer a "taste" of the world of work! Internships can be for a summer, a semester, or even longer, so talk with the academic advisors in your department to evaluate your options - and to discuss the possibility of earning course credit for your internship. Planning ahead is key.
  • Join a Student Organization. With over 300 student organizations, you're bound to find one that piques your interest. Plus, organizations will have members that will give you an opportunity to network or take on a leadership role and participate in events on campus.
  • Work can help you both earn money and add to your résumé. UT Arlington students have the advantage of access to the Dallas/ Ft. Worth Metroplex- one of the largest corporate centers in Texas.
  • Volunteer work allows you to build connections, enhance your communication and people skills, and gives you a way to give back to your community.
  • Study Abroad provides you with the unique opportunity to broaden your cultural awareness. You should discuss your plans to study abroad with your academic advisor. Like internships, study abroad requires careful planning.

Setting Goals to Get the Degree and Get the Job

  • Know what you need to stay on track. Extra semesters can cost you more than money.
  • A Department Advisor can give you an idea about where you should be in your major and career exploration process during your time at UT Arlington. Keep in mind that every person's story is different, so allow for flexibility within these guidelines.
  • Seek the expert advise of the professionals at the Career Development Center.  They can help you polish your resume, prepare for professional interviews, and more.