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Discover: Majors and Minors at UT Arlington

Information is the key to making good decisions.

There are several methods for attaining the information that you need to find a major that is right for you, but you have to be willing to seek it.

Departmental Advisors and Websites
  • Please note that some departments require appointments (especially during busy registration periods).  Plan ahead, call, and set-up an appointment.  The Maverick Resource Hotline maintains a list of Academic Advising contact information.
  • Unlike Advisors, Departmental Websites don't sleep.  Websites offer an abundance of information regarding programs, classes, and special events.
  • The University Advising Center also offers a variety of departmental information and insightful commentary on the Major Exploration process on the Major Exploration Blog. Updates and posts are made regularly, and comments or questions are welcomed.
The University's Undergraduate Catalog
  • The Undergraduate Catalog is an excellent source of information about every degree program, requirements, and polices at UT Arlington.
Informational Interview
  • Interview professionals in the field.  It will help you build communication skills, learn more about the profession, and establish valuable relationships.
  • Speak with a career consultant in the Career Development Center or contact the Alumni Association for contacts.
Make Your Coursework Count
  • What better way to find out if you like a major than to take an introductory course?  Several intro-level courses count toward your University Core Requirements (courses you will need no matter your major), and others can be worthwhile electives.  Talk with your academic advisor about your options.
  • In addition, UT Arlington offers a one-credit hour Major Exploration Course (UNIV 1131).  You'll find out more about yourself and the majors offered here at UT Arlington, and you will hear from speakers from various departments on campus.  View information about available sections for the upcoming semester on our course website.  If you are interested in signing-up for this course, email the University Advising Center.

If you are considering a career as a health professional, seek information through UT Arlington's Health Profession Advising in the College of Science.  Their website will give you details about programs of study at UT Arlington, admissions to professional schools, student organizations, and more.

Web Resources

The following are authoritative sources of information about majors, salary, educational requirements, the job outlook and more:

If you run into difficulty finding information, visit or contact a Major Exploration Advisor in the University Advising Center (UAC).  You may also use our convenient online system to sign-up for a Major Exploration Seminar.

You should now be ready to start your process of Decision-Making and Goals.