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First-Year FAQs

General Questions

How many hours can I take in my first semester?

15 hours is recommended for a first-semester freshman, while some students may take as many as 17 hours. Note: The maximum enrollment for any student in good academic standing is 19 credit hours for Fall and Spring.

I want to take a specific course, why can’t I?

You will only be advised for courses that are on your degree plan. Any course that is not on your degree plan must have prior approval by your academic advisor or the academic department.

I don’t want to take Math or English right now--do I have to?

We advise all first-year students to take Math and English in their first semester, unless credit has been previously earned.

How can I contact my advisor after orientation?

The best way to contact your advisor is via email. Be sure to include your 10-digit Maverick ID number in all email correspondence.

I want to know all of the classes that I need for my degree – can I have a degree plan?

Degree requirements are listed in the UTA catalog by major and most academic departments post degree plans on their website. It is important to become familiar with the catalog and department website for information on University policies, procedures, and degree requirements. 

Test Credit

I have test credit, but my scores haven’t been sent yet. What should I do?

You must submit any test scores to UTA via College Board. We can advise for courses based on your reported credit, however you may be restricted from enrollment into certain classes until you show proof of any completed prerequisite(s). We will accept a copy of your score report for advising purposes, but we are unable to process any course overrides.

I haven’t received my AP/IB/CLEP/SAT II scores yet – what do I do?

You will be advised for courses as if you do not have that test credit. Once your scores are available, be sure to have these submitted to UTA via College Board. You must follow up with your advisor via email to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule.

How do I get credit for my test scores after they have been submitted through College Board?

You will need to claim your credit in MyMav. In MyMav, go to Main Menu --> UTA Customizations --> UTA Testing Services --> Petition for Credit. Select the credit you want to claim, then click “submit.”

Should I claim my test credit or take the course? Can I do both?

You cannot claim your credit and take the course; that would be considered an illegal repeat. However, you can choose to take a course without claiming the credit.

Dual Credit

I sent in my high school transcript with my dual credit on it - why is it not in your system?

Your dual credit transcript must be sent to UTA from the college where you took the credit.

How can I show proof of dual credit I have earned?

Please give transcripts to your advisor on Day 1 or Day 2 of orientation. Credit may take several days to show up in MyMav, so your advisor can process any course overrides on Day 2 as needed. Acceptable proof of dual credit can be an official or unofficial transcript issued by the institution. We will not be able to accept printouts, pictures, or screenshots. After orientation, you must submit your transcripts to the Office of Admissions. 


I noticed that I am already enrolled in Fall classes, but I don’t like the times. Can I make changes to my schedule?

You will be given a schedule of classes on Day 1 of orientation. In the afternoon of Day 2, you can make schedule changes on your own (unless you are in a Freshman Interest Group). If you want to change a specific course after orientation, please contact your advisor for approval.

I noticed that I am enrolled in a class I have credit for. Can this be changed?

Your advisor has pre-enrolled you into courses for your major based on any existing credit you have on file. Please email your designated advisor after orientation to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule once you can provide evidence that you have successfully completed your course(s).


I am interested in pursuing two majors. How do I go about doing that?

During your time as a University College student, your advisement is focused on your primary major of choice. Additionally, many degrees do not recommend dual majors due to course sequencing. Once you have transitioned to your major department, you can discuss a second major with your academic department.

I want to pursue a minor.  Am I able to do this? 

Minor requirements vary by program and degree, so we typically do not advise students for minors in the first year. While some degrees have a minor built in, others do not and any minor will be added to the total number of hours required to complete your degree program. This can be discussed with your academic department once you have transitioned to your major department.

Can I graduate in 3 years?

Your graduation date primarily depends on your major course sequencing and your general class loads throughout your semesters, plus summer enrollment.

Can I change my major after orientation?

Yes. Please contact an advisor to be re-advised based on your new choice of major. If you are unsure of your major, you can be Undeclared in your first semester. We also offer a 1 credit Major Exploration course (UNIV 1131) which can help in making that decision.

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