University College

University College

Course Numbering System

Example: ENGL 1301

  • The alpha abbreviation (ENGL) indicates the department that is teaching the course. A complete list of these prefixes and the respective departments is found at the Schedule of Classes for the semester.
  • The first number (ENGL 1301) indicates the level of the course. A 1 indicates a freshman level course, a 2 indicates a sophomore level course, 3 is a junior level, and 4 is a senior level. A 5 and 6 indicate graduate level courses that are open to graduate students only. The first number serves as a guideline to the year a student should consider taking the course.
  • The second number (ENGL 1301) indicates the number of credit hours awarded for the course. Most courses are 3 credit hours; courses with labs are 4 credit hours.
  • The third and fourth numbers (ENGL 1301) indicate the individual course code given by the department.

For more information, see Academic Regulations in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Dr. Bill Corley