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Grade Exclusion and Grade Replacement Polices

Grade Exclusion Policy

Students who entered UT Arlington in Fall 2006 are eligible to take advantage of the Grade Exclusion policy. Freshman or Freshman transfers who entered UTA in the fall of 2013 with less than 24 hours are eligible for grade forgiveness. The official policy with this list of limitations, can be found in the Academic Regulations section of the Undergraduate Catalog. Students should read the policy in its entirety and discuss with an Academic Advisor in their major department or the University Advising Center for undeclared students.

It is important to note that courses that have been excluded from the GPA calculation do remain on the academic transcript but cannot be used to satisfy a requirement toward a degree. For instance, if a student chooses to exclude a grade of D from a HIST 1311 course, that student cannot use that excluded course to meet the core requirement for history on their degree plan. Likewise, that course can still be viewed by other academic institutions or graduate programs and could still be considered in their calculations of a GPA.

Grade Exclusions can be filed with the Office of Records.

For more information, see Academic Regulations in the Undergraduate Catalog.