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Grade of Incomplete

An instructor may award a grade of I (incomplete) when a student cannot, due to extenuating circumstances, complete the desired work during the semester of enrollment. Instructors will consider awarding an I grade only after the last day to drop has passed and circumstances warrant it. An incomplete is given at the discretion of the instructor.

Upon receiving an I (incomplete), a student has until the end of the next long semester (Fall or Spring) to complete the course requirements to the satisfaction of the instructor. If the incomplete is not completed and the I grade removed in the allotted time, the I will automatically convert to an F, which leaves a negative impact on the GPA.

When an I is received, the student should immediately make arrangements with the instructor regarding course completion. As a side note, some instructors may even ask students to sign a specific contract with their requirements for completing the work and on what time table. A student should not re-enroll in a course for which s/he has a grade of I, even if the instructor may ask, as a part of the contract, that you attend a segment of the class again.

Students in Blackboard courses that receive an incomplete grade automatically retain their enrollment in the Blackboard course and section in which they received the incomplete, until the incomplete is resolved.

For more information, see Academic Regulations in the Undergraduate Catalog.

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