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Scholastic Probation and Dismissal

Academic probation and dismissal regulations apply to all undergraduate students. A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average at UTA to remain academically eligible to register for the subsequent semester. The following table called the Table of Academic Standards, shows the minimum GPA required varies with the total number of college credit hours the student has undertaken.

UT Arlington Table of Academic Standards

Total College Hours Undertaken

UTA GPA for Probation

UTA GPA for Dismissal


less than 2.0

less than 1.6


less than 2.0

less than 1.8

60 or more

less than 2.0

less than 2.0

The hours listed in the Table of Standards are based on TOTAL COLLEGE HOURS undertaken, including all transfer work, credit by exam, and advanced placement credit. The GPA in the Table of Standards is based solely on UTA cumulative GPA.

View more information on the university’s Academic Standing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How do I clear my probation hold?

You MUST review the probation module and bring in your completed certificate when you meet with your advisor in order to have your probation advising bar cleared. In this advising appointment, you will discuss the reasons why you are on probation, your academic success plan to get off of probation and your overall plan to move forward. To take the probation module, follow these instructions:

  1. Login:
    1. Use the same login information that you use for MyMav
    2. Go to Browse Organization Catalog on the left column
    3. Enter Probation and click “Go”.
    4. Click on the double arrow button to the right of “org_probation” to ENROLL.
  2. Click on the “Start Here” category on the left column
    • Read the Introduction message. Select “Mark Reviewed” once you’ve finished reading the message.
  3. Watch the “Understanding Academic Standing” video – this video is approximately 30 minutes in length. You need to watch the entire video – there will be a quiz once you’ve finished. Once complete, select “Mark Reviewed” and the quiz will appear. (You can double click on the video to make it full-screen)
  4. Complete the quiz. Please print your score sheet and bring to your next advising session. Select “Mark Reviewed” once you’ve completed the quiz.
    • You may take the quiz up to three times. You must pass with at least 70%.
What are my restrictions while on probation?

Students on Academic Probation cannot take more than 14 semester credit hours. Students on Academic Probation cannot hold office in any club or organization, represent UTA at any official or social event, or make any university trip without the permission of the appropriate dean or director.

How do I remove myself from probation?

A student on academic probation who achieves a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA at the end of a grade-reporting period during which he or she is registered at the University will be removed from academic probation. 

What is an academic warning?

Before a student is dismissed from the University, he/she receives one warning semester to raise his/her cumulative GPA back into the Table of Standards. This warning semester can be Spring, Summer, or Fall. 

What is an additional academic warning?

If a student receives a 2.5 semester GPA on at least 3 hours during his/her academic warning semester, he/she will receive additional warning semester(s). No matter how large the student's GPD is, as long as he/she shows sufficient academic progress by achieving a 2.5 semester GPA each semester on at least 3 hours, he/she will not be dismissed. This is a Continuance (CONT) and it can follow a code Warning (WARN), 1st Dismissal (DIS1) or 2nd full-year Dismissal (DIS2).

What is reinstatement?

Students placed on academic dismissal for the first time (DIS1) will be reinstated after not having attended UTA for one long semester (Fall or Spring). Summer is not considered a long semester in this instance, so a student that is dismissed after a Spring semester must sit out the Summer and Fall terms.  When a student is reinstated after a dismissal, he/she again has one semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) to raise his/her cumulative GPA back into the Table of Standards or face a second dismissal.

What happens if I have second and subsequent dismissals?

Students placed on academic dismissal for a second or subsequent time may be reinstated after not having attending UTA for a 12-month period. After this time period, students may petition for reinstatement to the dean of the college/school from which they are seeking a degree OR with the University Advising Center. If the petition for reinstatement is denied, a student may not file another petition until the following semester. 

What is a change in academic status?

Academic status is determined when grades are reported at the end of each fall and spring session and at the end of the entire summer session. Although a student's GPA may change between those grade-reporting periods, the student's academic status is not changed until the next official grade-reporting period during which the student is enrolled at the University.

What is Grade Point Deficiency (GPD)?

GPD tells us what grades a student needs to achieve in order to obtain the minimum GPA to remain at the university. It is imperative to tell students how many hours they need to take and what grades they need to receive in order to not be dismissed AND in order to get off of Academic Probation.  GPD can also be used for a major with minimum entrance or graduation requirements (i.e. students must have a 2.75 to obtain a teaching certificate). Instructions on how to Calculate GPD.

How do I calculate my cumulative grade point average?

The UTA cumulative GPA is calculated on the basis of all work undertaken at UTA, including credit by exam, correspondence, and extension, for which a letter grade is given. The symbols X, W, P, and Z are not considered in calculating GPA. Instructions on how to Calculate GPA.