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General Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is my advisor?

A: If you are a first-year student (regardless of your amount of test credit/dual credit hours), a transfer student with less than 30 hours, or an Undeclared student, then you are advised by the University Advising Center. All advisors can advise students in any major; to find the advisor for your specific major, visit our Staff page. If you are a declared major or a transfer student with 30 hours or more, then you must go to your department for advising.

Q: Do I have to see my advisor to register for classes?

A: Yes - all students who are advised by the UAC receive an Academic Department hold on their MyMav account each semester. This means that you must meet with an advisor in the UAC to have your hold removed so that you can register for classes. New first-year students must attend New Maverick Orientation in order to be advised.

Q: How can I make an an appointment with my advisor?

A: You can schedule an appointment through our online appointment scheduling system. Please have your current schedule and any other obligations (work schedule, etc.) handy to avoid scheduling an appointment when you have another commitment.

Q: I need to cancel my appointment.  What should I do?

A: Call the UAC's  front desk 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to allow another student to make an appointment in your slot. The number to call is 817-272-3140.

Q: I have already been advised for registration, but I want to change my schedule or I have additional questions.  What should I do?

A: Please email your advisor directly or our general email account,, about changing your schedule and any additional questions that you may have.

Q: When will I be advised by my major department?

A: You must meet specific criteria to be a declared major in a department. Please email your advisor for more information.

Q: How do I change my major?

A: If you are advised by the UAC, please come to our office to meet with an advisor to create/change your schedule and discuss requirements for your new major. If you are advised in a department, please see the department in which your new major will be.

Q: Where can I see the requirements for my degree?

A: Please consult the Undergraduate Catalog to view your degree plan and academic requirements for your major/college.

Q: I am unsure about my major.  What should I do?

A: Please see our Major Exploration website for a comprehensive range of options for exploring majors at UT Arlington, including information about our seminars, Blackboard module, and class.

Q: Can I be advised if I am unsure about my major?

A: Each degree requires a set of core courses that go towards any major, so we can advise you for core classes. If you are core complete and have not selected a major, then you may be required to complete major exploration prior to being advised. Please see a UAC advisor for your options. 

If you have more questions, please visit our other Frequently Asked Questions pages to learn more about registration for classes, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), Academic Standing, or UT CAP.