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Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Standing

Q: Where can I find my GPA and hours that I have completed?

A: Sign into your MyMAV account to view this information.

Q: How can I calculate what my GPA will be if I earn certain grades this semester?

A: Check out UTA’s Raise Your GPA Calculator to calculate your projected cumulative GPA.

Q: I am on academic probation, what does this mean?

A: This means that you are below the Table of Standards requirements and must achieve a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be in Good Standing. Probation status does not put you in danger of dismissal. Please see a UAC advisor about your standing.

Q: I am on academic warning, what does this mean?

A: This means that you are below the Table of Standards requirements and must earn a 2.5 GPA during your next semester of enrollment at UTA or achieve an overall GPA that you places you within the Table of Standards for Probation or Good Standing. If you do not meet these requirements, then you will be dismissed from UTA for a period of time based on your academic standing/dismissal history (first dismissals are for one Fall or Spring semester, subsequent dismissals are year-long). Please talk to a UAC advisor about your standing.

Q: What are grade exclusions and how can they help me?

A: Students may choose to exclude a course grade of a D or F from their cumulative GPA calculation to impact their current Academic Standing at UT Arlington within the restrictions of the catalog policy.  Learn more about the Grade Exclusion Policy from the Office of Records.

Q: Can my grade exclusions change my academic standing?

A: No, grade exclusions have no bearing on your academic standing.

Q: I was dismissed for a semester – what can I do?

A: Please see a UAC advisor for your options.

Q: What is a grade point deficiency (GPD)?

A: GPD tells us what grades a student needs to achieve in order to obtain the minimum GPA to remain at the university. It is imperative to tell students how many hours they need to take and what grades they need to receive in order to not be dismissed AND in order to get off of Academic Probation.  GPD can also be used for a major with minimum entrance or graduation requirements (i.e. students must have a 2.75 to obtain a teaching certificate). 

Learn more about the calculation of your grade point deficiency with our GPD Calculation worksheet.

If you have more questions, please visit our other Frequently Asked Questions pages to learn more about general advising information, registration for classes, the Texas Success Initiative (TSI), or UT CAP.