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Frequently Asked Questions about UT CAP

1. As a CAP student, where do I go for academic advising?  

CAP students are required to be undeclared while at UT Arlington. This means that CAP students are advised in the University Advising Center, located in 105 Ransom Hall (817-272-3140,  Fall Advising will occur during the mandatory New Maverick Orientation.  Once the fall semester begins, please refer to the UT CAP approved course list and FAQs for assistance. The UT CAP Advisor for UT Arlington will contact you through your UTA email account with important advising information and deadlines.  

2.  Why are the School of Undergraduate Studies and the College of Liberal Arts the only programs in which I am guaranteed a space?

UT Austin developed the guidelines for the UT CAP program.  These are the programs they decided to make available for UT CAP students.

3.  Are there certain courses that I must take as part of the CAP program and before I transfer?

Yes. You must take at least 30 credit hours from the UT CAP Approved Course List. The Approved Course List includes general education classes (a.k.a. the Core Curriculum) required to graduate, such as English, U.S. History, Political Science, etc.

You must take a MATH course that is higher than College Algebra.  MATH is the only course that UT Austin has specified as required in order to meet CAP requirements.  All the courses listed on the CAP approved course list will transfer as higher than college algebra at UT Austin, including Math 1301.

Also, Developmental Courses such as ENGL 0301 and MATH 0302 will not count toward your 30 credit hours, but a failing grade will count toward your cumulative GPA.

4. What GPA do I need at UT Arlington to be eligible to transfer to UT Austin?

You will need a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher.

5. What is the maximum number of credit hours I can take per semester?

19 credit hours is the maximum number that you can take per semester; however, it is highly recommended that students only take between 15 or 16 hours per semester.

6. What if I took an AP, IB, or CLEP exam?

You have the option of claiming credit-by-exam at UT Arlington, UT Austin, or a combination of both schools.  You have to petition for credit to be applied to your UT Arlington student transcript.  To claim your credit-by-exam at UT Arlington, visit the Testing Services Petition for Credit website. For freshman students who have successfully completed the IB Diploma program, a minimum of 24 course credit hours are awarded with scores of 4 or higher for SL and HL exams.  If you are in the CAP program, and you plan to attend UT Austin upon completion of the requirements for transfer, and you plan to claim credit earned from your IB Diploma, you will need to do so at UTA during your freshman year. The credit will appear on your transcript when grades post at the end of your first semester.  Credit-by-exam will transfer to UT-Austin just like any other course, but it will not count toward your 30 hours for the CAP program.

7. I took dual enrollment courses during high school.  Will those courses count toward my 30 CAP hours?

No. Your 30 CAP hours must be earned during the Fall and Spring semesters.  Your dual enrollment courses will more than likely transfer to UT Austin, but cannot be counted toward your 30 CAP hours.  Please send your community college transcript to UT Arlington and UT Austin.

8. What if I make a D or F in a course while I’m at UT Arlington?

You will need to take an additional course to make up for the course in which you earned the D or F.  In other words, you would need to take 33 credit hours (or more) in order to have the required 30 transferable hours.  D's and F's are not transferable, and will lower your GPA dramatically. Additionally, UT Austin will not honor UT Arlington's Grade Forgiveness Policy.

9. May I take two different sciences?  For example, BIOL and CHEM?

The UT Austin Core Curriculum requires "nine semester hours [of natural science], consisting of six hours in one discipline and three hours in a second discipline."  The best thing you can do is consult the UT Austin Undergraduate Catalog or a UT Austin Academic Advisor to determine the science requirements for your intended major.  

10. As a CAP student, may I take Honor courses?

Yes, you may take Honor courses.  Please see the CAP Approved Course List for acceptable Honors courses.

11. May I take a course during Winter Intersession and/or Summer Intersession at UT Arlington?

Yes; however, the credit hours that you earn during Winter Intersession and/or May Intersession will not count toward your 30 CAP credit hours.  Additionally, if you earn an A or B in the course, it will not count toward your CAP GPA.  If you earn a C, D, or F in the course, it will count toward your CAP GPA and will lower your GPA.

12. Is it okay to accumulate more than 30 credit hours?

Yes.  30 hours is the minimum number of credit hours required for the CAP program.

13. May I take an Exercise or P.E. course (EXSA or DNCA)?

Yes, you may take an EXSA or DNCA course; however, it will NOT count toward your 30 hours for the CAP program and it will NOT count toward your CAP GPA.

14. I want to start classes in the Fall semester. Can I choose UT Arlington for my first year of courses?

Yes, UT Arlington will be participating in the CAP program.

15. How do I get involved in student organizations, clubs, sororities or fraternities while I’m at UT Arlington?

Students can find out more about all of our student organizations and other opportunities for involvement by visiting the Division of Student Affairs website.

16. Where can I find out more about on-campus housing at UT Arlington?

UT Arlington offers both residence hall and apartment living with communities designed to fit your budget.  Find out more by visiting the University Housing website.

17. What if I choose to stay at UT Arlington?

You are not alone. Approximately, 30 percent of all CAP students decide that UT Arlington is the right fit for them and decide to stay at UT Arlington. All CAP students that have decided to stay at UT Arlington must complete the CAP Opt Out form before they can be transitioned into a major. Please stop by the University Advising Center in Ransom Hall to speak with an advisor about your intended major and drop off your CAP Opt Out Form.

18. May I take coursework beyond 30 hours during the summer before or after my freshman year in the CAP program?

UT Austin suggests that you do not take college courses in the summer BEFORE your CAP participation.  However, it is acceptable to take courses in the summer after your freshman year in CAP.  If you need Reading, Writing, or Math development, it is highly recommended that you complete these courses in the summer BEFORE participating in CAP.  It is difficult to complete your requirements for CAP if you are not ready for college-level Reading, Writing, and Math.

19. May I try to get accepted to a program other than the School of Undergraduate Studies or College of Liberal Arts?

Yes, you may apply for a program outside of these guaranteed majors; however, UT-Austin does not guarantee admission to any other programs. 

20. May I apply to the College of Fine Arts or the School of Architecture at UT Austin?

No, these two programs are not options, except for music.  CAP students may apply for a major in music; however, music is a non-guaranteed major and students will compete with other applicants who are trying to gain admission to the School of Music.

21. But I really want to major in fine arts or architecture.  What should I do?

You have the option of staying at UT Arlington and applying for admission to UT Arlington’s nationally accredited fine arts or architecture programs.  If you prefer to go to UT-Austin, then you will have to choose a major other than fine arts or architecture.  And remember that the only guaranteed programs for CAP students are the School of Undergraduate Studies and College of Liberal Arts. Music is the only fine arts program for which CAP students may apply.  CAP students who want to major in music will compete with all other students who are trying to gain admission to the School of Music.

22. What can I do to increase my chances of getting into one of the non-guaranteed programs?

You are responsible for researching the requirements for that program.  Go to UT Austin’s CAP website, consult the UT Austin Undergraduate Catalog, or call/meet with a UT Austin Academic Advisor. Please note that your UT Arlington Academic Advisor is available only for basic questions about the UT CAP program and the CAP Approved Course List.

You can increase your chances of getting into one of the non-guaranteed programs by being knowledgeable about that program’s requirements and then doing your best to meet those requirements.  This might mean taking particular courses during your freshman year, earning a specific GPA and sending your application earlier in the Spring semester.

23. What are the requirements for my intended major at UT Austin?

You can find out the requirements for every major at UT Austin by consulting the UT Austin Undergraduate Catalog and/or an Academic Advisor at UT Austin. Each College, School and Department at UT Austin lists this information online.  

24. If I need more information about CAP requirements or transferring to UT Austin, to whom should I address my questions?

Students are encouraged to check with UT Austin concerning any questions related to CAP requirements or transfer to UT Austin.  For questions regarding the CAP program, student may email  For questions concerning transfer to UT Austin, students may email

25. Are there any other websites I might need while participating in the CAP program?

Some other helpful sites include:

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CAP Homepage CAP Homepage
Office of Admissions, Records, and Registration Office of Admissions
Office of Financial Aid Office of Financial Aid
Housing and Dining Services Housing and Food Services
Undergraduate Catalog Undergraduate Catalog
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