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University College

University Approved Core Courses

The University of Texas at Arlington is committed to ensuring that students take a common core of courses during their tenure at the institution. These courses are central to any career a student may choose, since they provide basic skills, perspectives and knowledge. The remainder of a student’s course work will focus on the methods, skills and knowledge appropriate to whatever field or discipline he or she chooses. One virtue of a core curriculum, besides the obvious practical one of helping graduates adapt to a rapidly changing economy, is that it provides a common cultural experience. This shared experience facilitates both appreciation and criticism of the values, norms and institutions of one’s culture.

Core Complete: Student who transfer from a Texas public community college or public university and are certified as core complete shall have satisfied the core requirements of UT Arlington.  Academic departments may, in some instances, require specific courses outside their major as prerequisites for major course work.

Core Curriculum for a Bachelor's Degree

The University requires the following courses for each degree:

  • Communication: six hours
  • Mathematics: six hours
  • Life & Physical Sciences: six hours
  • U.S. History: six hours of American history or three hours of American and three hours of Texas history (This requirement is mandated by state law and cannot be waived.)
  • Government/Political Science: six hours covering the U.S. and Texas Constitutions (This requirement is mandated by state law and cannot be waived.)
  • Language, Philosophy & Culture: three hours
  • Creative Arts: three hours
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences: three hours
  • Foundational Component Area Option: three hours

For a complete overview of the University's Core Curriculum, visit the Undergraduate Catalog.

If you have questions about the Core Curriculum requirements, contact your academic advisor or the University Advising Center.