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Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental InstructionSupplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of peer-assisted weekly study sessions designed to help students succeed in traditionally difficult courses. SI sessions are regularly scheduled sessions in which students compare notes, discuss readings and course lectures, and work together to master the course material. In SI, students learn how to use specific study skills for the course while mastering the content. SI sessions provide an excellent opportunity for you to

  • Meet with classmates and your SI leader to compare lecture notes.
  • Develop strategies for studying and learning the course material.
  • Prepare effectively for exams.

SI is free and open to all students in the supported course. All students are encouraged to attend SI, though the program is voluntary. It has been proven that regular participation in SI can help you raise your course grades by one-half to a full letter grade. SI helps you succeed and meet your goals!

To learn more about being an SI Leader, or to apply for a job as an SI Leader, please click here.

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