University College

University College

Courses Tutored

College of Business Administration
ACCT 2301 Principles of Accounting I
ACCT 2302 Principles of Accounting II
ECON 2305 Principles of Macroeconomics I
ECON 2306 Principals of Macroeconomics II
FINA 3313 Business Finance
Information Systems
INSY 3300 Object-Oriented Programming
Operations Management
Op.m.A 3306 Operations Management
College of Engineering
Civil Engineering
CE 2312 Statics/Dynamics
Computer Science & Engineering
CSE 1310 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSE 1320 Intermediate Programming
CSE 1325 Advanced Object Oriented Programming Using C++
CSE 2312 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
Electrical Engineering
EE 2315 Circuit Analysis I
EE 2320 Circuit Analysis II
EE 2446 Circuit Analysis II with Laboratory
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
MAE 1312 Engineering Statistics
MAE 2323 Dynamics
MAE 3310 Thermodynamics I
MAE 3311 Thermodynamics II
College of Liberal Arts
ENGL 1301 Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing I
ENGL 1302 Critical Thinking, Reading & Writing II

ENGL English Conversation and Writing Skills

French, German & Spanish
1441 Level I
1442 Level II
2313 Level III
2314 Level IV
HIST 1311 History of the United States I
HIST 1312 History of the United States II
Political Science
POLS 2311 U.S. Government
POLS 2312 State and Local Government

College of Science
BIOL 1441 Cell & Molecular Biology
BIOL 1442 Structure & Function of Organisms
BIOL 2457 Human Anatomy & Physiology I
BIOL 2458 Human Anatomy & Physiology II
CHEM 1441 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1442 General Chemistry II
CHEM 1445 Chemistry for Non-Science majors
CHEM 2321 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2322 Organic Chemistry II
MATH 0301 THEA Preparation
MATH 0302 Fundamentals of Algebra
MATH 1301 Elementary Mathematical Modeling
MATH 1302 College Algebra
MATH 1303 Trigonometry
MATH 1308 Elementary Statistics
MATH 1315 Algebra for Economics & Business
MATH 1316 Math for Economics & Business
MATH 1322 Pre-Calculus I
MATH 1323 Pre-Calculus II
MATH 1426 Calculus I
MATH 2425 Calculus II
MATH 2326 Calculus III
PHYS 1441 College Physics I
PHYS 1442 College Physics II
PHYS 1443 Technical Physics I
PHYS 1444 Technical Physics II
BUSA 3321 Business Statistics I
BUSA 3322 Business Statistics II
PSYC 2441 Psychological Statistics
SOCI 3352 Sociological Statistics