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McNair Scholars Application

Overview of the Application Process

The McNair program is funded to work with a minimum of 34 eligible undergraduates each academic year. As students may enter the program in their sophomore year, some students are active program participants for up to five regular semesters before graduation (the norm is two to three semesters for upper-level students). Each fall semester, the McNair Scholars Program recruits 17 new Scholars to fill upcoming summer research slots. The McNair Scholars Program recruits new members once each academic year during the fall semester.  The recruitment period begins October 1st and concludes approximately one month later.

Recruitment of McNair Scholars Candidates

To make UT Arlington undergraduates aware of the McNair Scholars Program and its benefits, the program mails brochures to selected students. Program staff members also engage in student outreach by making presentations to campus organizations and classes. Each year in mid-October, the program invites all interested students, faculty and staff to attend an open house to meet current Scholars and staff and learn more about the program.

Application and Selection

Each applicant must complete an application packet and submit it to the McNair Scholars Program office located in Ransom Hall suite 202. The packet should include the required essay, two letters of recommendation from faculty and income tax returns for the previous filing year for themselves and (if considered a dependent by the Financial Aid Office) their parents. Application packets are available in the McNair Scholars Program office or can be downloaded by the first Monday in October.

We strongly recommend you check with the McNair Scholars Program office to ensure all application materials are received. Applications must be complete to be eligible for consideration.

After the submission deadline, applications are screened to determine eligibility (including verification of fall grades and cumulative GPA). Letters are mailed prior to the holiday break to those applicants selected as semifinalists, asking students to contact the McNair office to make an appointment for a mid-January interview. Early in the spring semester the McNair Selection Committee (consisting of McNair staff and representatives from the Office of Graduate Studies and various colleges/schools on campus) meets to share assessments of the candidates. The program will notify semifinalists of their application status by late January.

Successful candidates become McNair Scholars in early February and fully enter into program activities. Most incoming Scholars are juniors who will participate in the McNair Summer Research Internship at the end of spring semester. All interested candidates should take the appropriate undergraduate research methods class in their major by the spring semester before the research internship (or earlier).